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Business > Articles > Holiday Decorating Dos and Don’ts for Salon Success

Holiday Decorating Dos and Don’ts for Salon Success

By: Kerri Lee

Decorating a salon for the holidays can be a challenge.  You want the place to look festive, yet professional and P.C.  So we checked with Redken Design Consultant Peter Millard for some “naughty” and “nice” salon decorating tips and advice for the upcoming season.

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In Good Taste
Before you bust out the pre-lit and place your wreath order with the Boy Scouts, take this into consideration.  “Don’t spend time and money putting up Christmas trees and wreaths,” suggests Millard.  “That is for your own personal holiday.  Leave that kind of decorating to the retail stores.  They will do it better than you ever could.  I have a 14 foot tree with 12 cartons of ornaments every year, but it is in my home, not my office!” 
You are supposed to be about fashion, style, glamour and sophistication, explains Millard.  “Clients don’t go to Hallmark to get their hair done.  They come to you and you should respect the difference. When you are finished styling and coloring hair for the holidays, do you stick holly in it?  Do you put mistletoe in their curls?  It’s laughable because it would ruin your work.  Don’t clutter up your salon with cheap, ugly, gaudy holiday stuff!  It looks awful!”
Also, avoid buying holiday things that cost you money.  Instead, purchase holiday décor that will EARN money.  Remind yourself of that rule every time you are tempted to buy something “pretty.”

Deck With Care
Simple is best. “Decorate your front window by putting five or six teacup holder hooks above the window frame,” suggests Millard.  “Next, purchase some beautiful holiday ornaments and gorgeous ribbon, and hang them at varying lengths from the hooks.  I have seen this on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  The simplicity is beautiful, not cluttered.”  Remember to purchase chic, unconventional ornaments you would expect a designer to choose.  
Then, utilize beautiful gift bags and tissue paper when decorating the salon.  This will be a nice touch at each workstation, your reception desk and your retail area.  By doing so, you’ll put the idea of “gift giving” in clients’ thoughts and encourage them to give the gift of beauty, and YOU, this holiday season!  Take it a step further.  Place an ornament in each bag and offer that as an incentive each time a client purchases a gift certificate.  Voila! You have created the perfect gift AND decorated your salon in a tasteful, professional manner at the same time. 
To display your gift certificates with the professionalism and class they deserve, place them in clear acrylic frames—5x7 should work—throughout the salon, along with promotional signage and incentives for purchase.  Not sure what to say on the signs?  Millard suggests, “Give Someone Special Something They May Never Give Themselves – The GIFT OF LUXURY!   $50.00, $75.00, and $100 Gift Certificates are Available. It’s a gift they will really USE!”

Team Building Idea:  Rather than putting a tree in the salon, get your salon team together for a tree raising and trimming at a local women’s shelter.  Or adopt a family and gift them with a tree.  You’ll get to string lights, hang ornaments and do good, while keeping your salon chic and professional.



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