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Business > Articles > BTC Exclusive News: ARROJO Product Goes Professional

BTC Exclusive News:
ARROJO Product Goes Professional

Salon industry statistics prove there is a direct link from retail sales to client retention, referrals, and overall growth. Yet most salons fail to take advantage of retailing products to clients. Recognizing this and using his own award-winning business model, Nick Arrojo will launch ARROJO Ambassadors on March 1, 2010. Nick is taking his product line used at ARROJO studio, academy and cosmetology school in NYC, to salons across America––complete with a back-end mentor and support program designed to maximize potential of salon owners and stylists.

It’s a direct-to-salon relationship model, backed by a new membership based Web site for Ambassador salons. With every product purchase, Ambassadors receive ARROJO Reward Dollars that can be redeemed towards a wide range of educational offerings. Invest in ARROJO’s complete line of educational DVDs and web-friendly Downloads, tuition for any of the eight seminars at the ARROJO advanced academy, or save up for a visit from ARROJO educators for training tailored to each Ambassador’s personal salon needs. Alternatively, reward dollars can also be spent on salon back-bar stock or additional ARROJO product merchandising and marketing materials.

The support doesn’t stop there. Ambassadors get a monthly communiqué from Nick that shares the latest hairdressing trends and techniques as well as business-building insights and ideas. After joining, salons are entitled to one free seminar for a member of their staff at the ARROJO academy, a free ARROJO education DVD or download, product prescription pads, merchandising plan-o-grams, and product education for the stylist and consumer.

BTC caught up with Nick to get the complete scoop on his exciting new endeavor.

BTC: Most manufacturers develop a product line first, then use a celebrity stylist to support it. You seem to be going the opposite direction. Why did you make the decision to launch your product line into salons at this time? And how do you think it will be different from other product lines?
The key is in ARROJO education. We have a 22-month in-house apprentice training program, the ARROJO academy for advanced, professional-to-professional education, and the ARROJO cosmetology school. We never wanted a typical product-distributor-salon business model; our vision was (and is) to build direct, mutually beneficial relationships with any salon carrying our product. That means education. Now we have the infrastructure to deliver to our ARROJO Ambassador salons merchandizing and business-building support, and a fully rounded educational program that will enable all stylists of Ambassador salons to gain from the experience and expertise of our world-class educational team and become real masters of the hairdressing craft.

BTC: Can you expand a little bit on the link between retail sales and overall growth?
The key is in the power of the client relationship. If a client is purchasing product from you, it means they value your professional hairstyling opinion. Achieve that and a relationship is formed, the client will return and make referrals for you. So, more retail sales means better, stronger relationships with clients; happy, satisfied clients and more repeat salon visits and referrals, which ultimately leads to growth and success.
The end result of this matrix is more commission for stylists, more business for the salon, more opportunities to grow. Providing the client with product knowledge and education is the best way for the client to enjoy great hair––and that’s the best way to get the client to return (and with friends and family in tow). At ARROJO studio, we expect each stylist to retail two products per client, and we’re continually seeing year on year growth. 

BTC: How specifically will Arrojo support Ambassador salons?
Upon sign up, ARROJO Ambassador salons can send one staff member to an ARROJO educational seminar, facilitated by me and ARROJO master stylists. The seminar is specifically created for Ambassadors and will educate them on the client relationship matrix as well as provide inspirational hairdressing education. Ambassadors can also send additional members of staff for a small fee.
Also upon sign up, Ambassador salons receive extensive merchandizing support including free back-bar and station sample stock; product fact sheets for staff education; merchandizing schematic/plan-o-gram (based off of the award-wining ARROJO studio); consumer product brochures; product prescription pads; retail bags; shelf pricing cards and decals; and a signed copy of my Great Hair book.
Ambassador salons also get referrals and commissions based off of e-commerce Web sales as well as priority booking on all ARROJO academy seminars and a monthly communiqué that shares latest hairdressing trends and techniques as well as business-building insights and ideas.
Then, for every dollar of ARROJO product they purchase, Ambassador salons get REWARD DOLLARS that can be used to provide our world-class, advanced, professional-to-professional education to their team.

BTC: What’s the benefit for salon owners?
All of the above, plus a direct relationship model with no distributor in the middle. With no middleman, there is potential for greater than 50% gross profit on their own retail sales.
Ultimately, the program ties product and education together so our world-class team can provide education and inspiration to empower Ambassadors to increase growth and productivity in their salon business––not to mention become authentic, inspired masters of the hairdressing craft.

Nick’s mission is clear: improve standards in the hairdressing industry and through ARROJO product provide inspirational, career-shaping education, mentoring, and business support to all Ambassadors.

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