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Hair > Articles > Bridal Style 2010: Three Picture-Perfect Hair Trends

Bridal Style 2010:
Three Picture-Perfect Hair Trends

By: Angie Manson

Summer is the season of the wedding, so soon a bounty of brides will be knocking down your door in the hope that you’ll be able to create that perfect ‘do to complete their wedding day ensemble. So what better time than now to study up on the latest trends and fashions? One place you can start is Bridal Fashion Week. Redken Session Stylist Giovanni Giuntoli worked behind the scenes at three major shows and created modern and fresh, but very different looks for each show. “The looks at Christos, Kenneth Poole, and Amsale were all about no-fuss knots that reflected the style and collection of the line’s respective bride,” he says. Why not use Giuntoli’s ideas as inspiration for your client’s big day?

Accessorized Updo
Seen at: Kenneth Poole

"To easily create a more embellished knot at Kenneth Pool that reflected the glamour of the line, we tightened the bun and added a large flower accessory” says Giuntoli. “This instantly added sophistication for a bigger, flirtier statement.”

To get this look, it would be beneficial to test out several flower options to find the size and shape that’s right for your client. Pin the ornamentation on the side of the chignon so that the detailing of the accessory can be seen from all angles.  Finish the total look with a strong-hold hairspray, like forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to hold the ornamentation and updo in place, and send your client home with a mini size of it for touch-ups!

Swirled-Open Chignon
Seen at: Christos

"At Christos, we wanted to accentuate the young, modern, clean look of the collection,” says Giuntoli. “We achieved this through a twist on the classic bun, creating a looser folded donut shape.” The team took inspiration from the typical ballerina bun, but softened it by adding texture and a bit of lift to the crown and sides.

For this look, it’s important to create a bit of extra height on the top of the head. This will create more shape and elegance from the front for a more dynamic style. Giuntoli says to consider an opened swirl instead of a tightly pinned bun, and to pull out a few pieces on the sides to add texture and soften the overall silhouette. The best way to finish off the look? Spray on some workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray for hold that still allows for texture and movement. Have your client take home a mini size of the spray to be able to reapply throughout the night for ongoing hold!

Textured French Pleat with Height
Seen at: Amsale

“For the timeless Amsale collection, we returned to the classic French pleat, but put a modern spin on it,” says Giuntoli. “Think Breakfast at Tiffany's, but a little deconstructed and with some extra attitude.”

Give your client this Audrey look! Start with a classic French twist but with added texture throughout the top and in the knot for an airy, angelic silhouette. Giuntoli says backcombing with fabricate 03 heat-active texturizer is a great way to achieve this texture. Depending on the client’s hair texture, you may need to use a hot tool before making the twist, so make sure to use a heat-protectant product like spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray to protect the hair from any damage. A heat protecting product will help keep the hair in place, too.  
With these classic knotted styles, your client will never have to worry about looking back on her bridal hairstyle and ask “what was I thinking?” With classic knots, twists and chignons, you can never go wrong. Just make sure to add some extra elements, like texture or accessories, to kick the style up a notch. And remember, no matter how elaborate or classic the dress and accessories, work with your client to pick the right hairstyle that fits the overall look and makes her feel her best. After all, it is a big day! 


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