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Hair > Articles > Behind the Scenes with Josh Wood & Eugene Souleiman

Behind the Scenes with Josh Wood & Eugene Souleiman

Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Directors for Wella Professionals, have created, by far, the most outstanding blonde collection to date. “We’ve covered the whole spectrum of creativity, from being able to create something that is very young and very punchy, all the way through to something that’s very elegant and very chic,” says Wood, Global Creative Color Director. This collection embraces the warmest characters and the coolest tones of the blonde spectrum, and these multi-faceted images will inspire you to bring out your clients natural beauty.

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Before we get down to business, did you know that blondes represent over 50% of all color services requested in the salon? Women choose blonde more than any other haircolor, and highlights are the most requested color service. And in over half of all color services, the resulting color is lighter/much lighter than the starting base color. Interesting, huh? Thanks to Josh Wood, you can learn just how to do it.

Learn the Step-by-Step: Blonde Impact Color & Cut How-To

Learn the Step-by-Step: Blonde Infusion Color & Cut How-To

Did you know that British Vogue considers Wood ’the cult colorist of our time’, a true modernist on color creation? The reason he is the Global Creative Color Director for Wella Professionals is because he has firmly cemented himself as the “colorist of choice” amongst a wealth of prestigious celebrity clients and international fashionistas. His dedication to Blondor and the Wella Professionals blonde portfolio has enabled him to create this latest breathtaking Blonde Look Collection. “We are showing you three very individual looks that best represent the diversity and the ability that Blondor has,” says Wood. “This collection has been created to inspire you to push the boundaries of your own creativity.”

As blonde is so significant to your business, Wella Professionals is passionate about taking its support on blondes to the next level. That’s why they are bringing you the Blonde Pro Series, a major blonde support program in two phases that will empower you to exceed in blonde. Phase 1 is an improved Blondor with new breakthrough 2-in-1 lightening and toning product. Phase 2 is Koleston Perfect Special Blonde with 5 new shades. Wood and Souleiman would not have been able to bring their vision to life if it wasn’t for Wella bringing this support program to life.

Learn more about Wella Blondor Cool Blonde Powder and Blonde Seal&Care

Let’s talk about these three looks for a moment; Blonde Impact, Blonde Impression and Blonde Infusion.
Blonde Impact is an all-over blonde service. It is ideal for confident clients who want ‘statement’ blonde looks to express their personality. It’s that client who takes good care of their hair and one that is willing to invest in maintaining the look. Think fashion driven clients following trends. “On Louise, we have done a global application using Blondor Extra Cool Blonde Powder. Together with the cut, this created a really up-to-the-minute edgy, very fashionable, almost ethereal blonde,” says Wood. The result is you will lift hair and give stunning, cool blonde results in its purest form.



Blonde Impression is a partial blonde service. It is ideal for clients who want to enhance their look with noticeable blonde effects with super natural-looking results. They also take good care of their hair and are willing to invest in maintaining the look. “On Eugenia, we warmed the color up a little bit, and created a blonde that probably is a bit more sophisticated both in technique and in color choice,” says Wood. The result is the hair is enriched with multifaceted blonde effects with exquisitely natural blending.

Blonde Infusion is a stunning highlighting service, a request you will experience quite often. It's ideal for that client who hasn't thought about going blonde just yet. Think of it as training wheels or an ‘introductory’ level to blonde. It is for clients who want to emphasize their personal style with individual effects. “On Heide, we really wanted to show the diversity by creating something that looked incredibly natural but yet still in the blonde family,” says Wood. The result is infused hair with blonde highlights or the effects to complement any look with a touch of light. It’s almost like a kiss of blonde.

And we know you can’t have stunning color without stunning cut and styling which is where Eugene Souleiman comes into play. Once the cuts for these three lovely ladies were completed, Souleiman busted out his trustworthy products and got to work. He created two styling options for each model.
Let’s look at them individually like we did before:

Blonde Impact:
For the first look, Souleiman blow dried the hair using a paddle brush, and then spritzed Sebastian Re-Shaper and shaped the look with his fingers to achieve this sculpted hairstyle.
For the second look, Souleiman applied Sebastian Gel Forte to her damp hair and blow dried it away from her face giving some lift to the root. He then went through with a wide-tooth comb to create strength and definition.

Blonde Impression:
For the first look, Souleiman blow dried the hair with a paddle brush for smooth control. He then applied a small amount of Sebastian Microweb Fiber to mid shaft and to the ends and allowed separation to develop.
For the second look, Souleiman sprayed Sebastian Trilliant though her damp hair and then blow dried the hair smooth with a beveled brush. He then misted Sebastian Trilliant on her dry hair for heat protection and touched it with a flat iron for a nice, smooth shine.

Blonde Infusion:
For the first look, Souleiman sprayed Sebastian Volupt Spray from root to ends on her damp hair and then blow dried with a round brush to achieve voluptuous volume.
For the second look, Souleiman blow dried the hair using a paddle brush, and then spritzed her hair with Sebastian Re-Shaper. He then shaped her hair with his fingers to achieve this sculpted hairstyle.

This collection has been created not only to inspire you, but to re-energize your passion for creating exceptional blondes with long-lasting results. Summer is just around the corner and clients are willing and wanting something new, fresh and beach-worthy. Even through these tough economic times, warm honey highlight and all-over ice cool blondes are going to be requested and in high demand. It is important you give them just what they desire so they continue to return to your salon to maintain their new, beautiful blonde. Wood and Souleiman have once again created excellence. Isn’t it time you do the same?


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