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Hair Color > Articles > MEMBERS ONLY: 10 Color Tips from Beth Minardi

10 Color Tips from Beth Minardi

As a color pro, your career depends on dazzling every single client in your chair with exquisite shade choices, flawless execution and results that boost confidence and glamour quotient! Dedicated colorists know that excellence is a lifelong pursuit. Here are 10, surefire haircolor tips from color expert Beth Minardi to help make your client’s life a little more colorful.

1. Match Game - When it comes to tonal selection, skin and hair should harmonize. So as a general rule, keep in mind that warm skin tones are enhanced by warm hair color and cool skin tones look best with cooler haircolor tones.

2. Keep Control – The lighter you take a natural brown shade, the less control you have over the tone. Maintain maximum control. Avoid lifting the base more than one or two levels. If you want your color to be lighter or brighter still, add highlights to the color service.

3. Mind the Zone – We all know the quality of hair nearest the scalp is different than the hair in the middle and end "zones" of the strand. Further down the strand, or the "older" lengths, are more fragile and porous so they must be pampered. An acidic, no-lift formula color like Beth Minardi Signature is the ideal way to refresh these zones without damage.

4. Red Rule - Red hair looks best if it’s retouched on a regular basis- a minimum of every four to six weeks is ideal. Red color develops optimally on a short root that’s not yet fully keratinized and in close proximity to heat from the scalp, so allowing too much time to transpire between retouches can compromise the integrity of red shades.

5. Keep it Up – Always remember: transforming natural brunette color to blonde is a commitment. Make sure clients clearly understand that this color service must be retouched frequently - ideally every three-to-four weeks - to avoid bands of regrowth and to always look its very best.

6. Foil with Care - Most of the problems that colorists encounter when highlighting—
bleeding, banding, etc.—are caused by placing too much hair in one foil. Remember that it's possible to achieve beautiful, shade-on-shade results by creating very small, very fine highlight sections and placing them very close together— maybe even back-to-back.

7. Extremes are Not for Everyone - Both extremely dark hair and extremely light hair can be difficult to wear unless the client has flawless skin and routinely wears lots of make-up. For most women, softer mid-level shades are much more flattering and versatile choices.

8. Age-Defying Secrets - If clients are less than 65% gray, correct formulation (matched as closely as possible to the client's natural shade) and application will cover the gray beautifully, and it will appear as if the client has spent a fortune on expensive highlights! What's more, the regrowth will be extremely soft and subtle.

9. Dimension = Realistic Color - Look closely at any element in nature - foliage, water, minerals - and you'll see that nothing is ever a single, solid color. The same holds true for haircolor. Natural-looking color is always multi-dimensional. Make creating dimension a goal when coloring clients. All-over, monochromatic color looks like a paint job—always incorporate soft or dramatic color graduation and dimension into your color designs.

10. The Power of Shine - It doesn't matter how much work you put into your color - if hair isn't shiny, it will never be beautiful. Shiny hair is equated with youth, health and energy.

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