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Hair > Articles > 5 Celebrity Wedding Day Styles Clients Will Request

5 Celebrity Wedding Day Styles Clients Will Request

Beware of Bridzilla! What use to be your calm, sweet client is now a raging bride that is demanding a beyond spectacular wedding day ‘do seen on the hottest Hollywood stars. Be prepared with this quick run through of wedding hairstyles so you can fight off blistering brides by giving them the perfect hairstyle for their perfect day.

Latrice Strader, Master Hairstylist and Owner of Destiny De’Ve Hair Salon in Washington, D.C. explores the bridal styles of five celebrity newlyweds who mastered their wedding day hairstyles. “This year the top celebrity bridal hairstyles each exuded elegance and grace while maintaining a glamorous edge,” says Latrice. Be it classic, glamorous, or a subtle sexy bridal hairstyle, these hairstyles will have your bride saying ‘I do!’

Regal Beauty
America’s favorite first daughter tied the knot in a beautiful dress and ceremony, in addition to a classic feminine French twist. “The twists and braids are perfect for Chelsea Clinton since she's young, vibrant, and is a part of American royalty” says Latrice. “For any bride desiring a classic look with volume and texture, this French twist is a top bridal hairstyle—perfect for any princess fairytale wedding” Latrice continues.

 Foxy and Simple
Transformers star Megan Fox shows off her shiny jet-black hair on her big day by keeping it straight and simple for her wedding. “Straight hair is definitely a sexy way to highlight natural beauty,” says Latrice. “For any bride who desires a sexier and more natural look, straight hair is the perfect hairstyle” Latrice continues.


Gold, Elegant Waves
Khloe Kardashian’s
perfectly crimped locks are highlighted by her luscious golden highlights for her big day. Khloe’s gold streaks bring out her glowing fair skin as well. “Gold and/or deep brown highlights are a great way to highlight natural skin tone [if your client has] naturally dark hair,” says Latrice.  “Shades of lighter colors for those with naturally lighter hair can also bring out beautiful glowing skin as well.”


All-American Girl Updo
Carrie Underwood’s
beautiful smile and voice aren’t the only things touching hearts all around the nation. Carrie’s golden tresses are gathered into an elegant updo with loose curls that are easy to work with. “Carrie’s side swoop bangs complement her loose curls perfectly and add a fun yet beautiful look to her style,” says Latrice.


Fit for a Queen
Grammy award winning Alicia Keys continues to set trends even on her wedding day. Incorporating a diamond encrusted tiara with an elegant chignon tucked and pinned away from her face, Alicia exudes a regal look on her big day. “Alicia’s beauty is radiant with this simple yet glamorous hairstyle,” says Latrice.  “It’s a super chic and classic look that highlights her beauty well, especially with the added touch of the tiara.”

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