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Business > Articles > MEMBERS ONLY: 5 Perks Clients Love

5 Perks Clients Love

By: Kerri Lee

Client’s love to be pampered, especially when they least expect it, and Lauren Naylor, owner of Focal Point Salon, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona, is doing just that. Since the salon’s top priority is the guest, Naylor has whipped up a few delights for clients to enjoy and keep them coming back:

1. Refreshing Refreshments – To take hydrating to the next level, Naylor infuses her water with cucumbers to make it a H20-so-refreshing and energizing experience. “All of our water is served in an actual glass, on the rocks of course, accompanied with a slice of cucumber to create a more ‘crisp’ flavor,” says Naylor. “It’s been said that cucumbers aid in purifying water for a more refreshing aftertaste.” We so agree! This is especially important if you are not serving purified and still rely on tap water. We strongly encourage you to make the switch to the good stuff, but if that’s not in your budget then try this. It’s going to make the difference for some of you who work in communities with water that has an unappealing flavor.

2. Belly Busters – To make clients giggle with delight, Naylor has a glass jar filled to the brim with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans at the reception desk. Clients are encouraged to grab a handful at check-in or during check-out which we think is a pretty cool way to perk up a client whose blood sugar may have dropped, especially those who come in right after working a long day on the job. “While a guest’s color is processing, we also place a small cup of candy at the station for them to enjoy,” adds Naylor. “We went with these jelly beans because of their vibrant colors and various flavors. It adds creativity, flavor and detail to their visit.”

3. Visual Overload – At the color bar, a wide variety of DVDs are on constant rotation displaying classic styles and coloring and showcasing the newest hair trends and products. “We show these because they instantly spark conversation between the guest and the stylist,” says Naylor. “For example, you may hear, ‘Would that haircut or color look good on me?’ or ‘How can I style my hair like that?’” Are you hearing the same thing we’re hearing? Ca-ching! This is genius to do since you can raise a service ticket price instantly. The possibilities of adding color is there and so is the opportunity to show some styling tricks and increase retail percentages.

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4. Bragging Rights – Speaking of DVDs, the 2009 Signature Gathering DVD has been shown from time to time in the salon to create hype about the salon's trip to the 2010 Signature Gathering event in Las Vegas. “Discussing the importance of continuous education with your guest keeps their mind at ease knowing they are in good hands with a hairdresser that will keep their look up to date and their skills on point,” says Naylor. We couldn’t agree with her more!

5. Magic Fingers – We are strong advocates that you need to do something well and promote it relentlessly to make your salon stand out from the competition. “Our salon has built quite a reputation for our Lather Lounge Experience,” says Naylor. Focal Point Salon’s Lather Lounge is separated from the salon by a water wall feature. The lounge contains four massaging shampoo chairs with vibration options, and the room’s lighting is dimmed with meditation music played on a low volume. As the shampoo is conducted, an 8-10 minute scalp massage gets put into play while a hand and arm massage is given by a salon assistant using Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Body Lotion or Lavender Mint Body Butter since these two products give the lounge a stress relieving aromatherapy. “This extra special treatment benefits the stylist and the guest alike,” says Naylor. “As we know, the favorite part of any salon visit is the shampoo so taking it to the next level ensures a relaxing, pampered experience for the guest. In my opinion, this ‘ups’ the chance of your guest returning for more!”


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