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Hair > Articles > Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How BTC Salons Are Supporting the Cure

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How BTC Salons Are Supporting the Cure

By: Patricia Green

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we asked our BTC Facebook BFF’s what they’re doing in their salons to battle breast cancer. Here are some of the amazing ways people in our industry are showing their support and fighting to “save second base!”

Pretty in Pink – Wearing pink attire throughout the salon is a simple and fairly inexpensive way for stylists to demonstrate their hope in finding a cure. Becky Clark, from Cuts By Us in Albany, GA, mentioned her salon has been getting their ‘pink on’ in the salon for going on four years now. They even gather as a group for a team picture the first Saturday in October and proudly display the photograph. “If wearing pink gets someone tested and creates a greater awareness of breast cancer, we’re in full support!” says Clark. Wait, did we mention what pink tee they’ll be wearing this year? They have chosen to wear the ‘Peace, Love, Cure’ BTC tee that our Facebook BFF’s voted on us printing!

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Extending a Hand - Pink hair like Nikki Minaj’s at MTV’s VMAs might be a bit much, but perfectly placed pink extensions show support and help generate additional revenue and dollars to donate. Seeing the pink extensions through out the community can be an uplifting sign and show just how many people are fighting for a cure. You may even get some new clients out of doing a good deed! Lorry Bossert Green from Elle Marie Hair Studio in Mill Creek, WA, has partnered with Socap USA Hair Extensions to host their Pink Hair For Hope campaign. Last year they raised over $6,000! Also getting in on the action is Jeremy Todd Abraham from Napolitano Salons in Seattle, WA, who told us that in addition to the pink extensions, they encourage all their client to wear pink and help make a difference by donating dollars to the Cancer Care Alliance. Taking it up a notch is Salon CTI and Day Spa in Appleton, WI. Salon employee Jessica Rondinelli shared with us they have a makeup artist on staff giving temporary breast cancer awareness tattoos to piggyback the pink hair extensions. Stylists at ANASA HAIR STUDIO in Lake Elsinore, CA, will be wearing pink clip-in extensions with the breast cancer symbol on it, courtesy of Sports Hair Styles and Bad Girl Hair.

Retailing with Rewards -We were thrilled to see how many salons all over the country are donating retail dollars to spread awareness and help find a cure for breast cancer! For instance, 17 Jewels Salon & Spa donates 10% of retail profits in the month of October to the Women’s Cancer Research Center located in their home town of Oakland, CA. All it takes is a couple shelf talkers, a mirror talker or two and some keen communication skills from the salon staff to keep clients in the know. Look around in your community to see if you have a local organization you can donate funds. You never know, you may have a client sitting in your chair who is passionate about a local charity. You just have to ask.

What are manufacturers doing? Check out the Breast Cancer Awareness Product Round-Up!

Cut for a Cure - Want to really go out with a bang? Do what you do best and cut some hair! It’s time you host a Cut-A-Thon fundraiser in your community. A one day Cut-A-Thon can raise funds and give you some goodwill credit. Susi Janes Magenheim at Cranberries The Salon  in Tustin, CA, will be hosting their second annual Cut-A-Thon, hoping to have an even bigger turn out this year. Get your local media involved by alerting them to the event so it can get promoted within your community.

Fashion Forward (Thinking) – One thing ladies and fashionistas in your community will never pass up is the chance to attend a fashion show. Not sure where to start? Check in with local boutiques and see if they would be interested in having a trunk show at your salon one night. You supply the location and hair/makeup and they’ll supply the clothes and models. Shirley Ann Reinhardt from Biquor & Biquor Salon in Santa Rosa, CA, and the salon team are getting ready to help out the Catwalk for a Cure fundraiser in their community for the fourth year in a row. Erica Ribicki Bizon from Gould’s Salons in Memphis, TN, is geared up and ready for their THINK PINK: A Hair & Fashion Event which spotlights breast cancer survivors as the runway models. Imagine how impactful and inspiring an evening like this would be for your clients. It’s not that hard to put together. You just need to get in good with a shnazzy boutique!

Community Compassion – One fundraiser that really got our eyes all steamy is when Kelly Just-Balcom at Barb’s Hair Studio in Pulaski, NY, shared with us how the salon is giving the local high school football team pink Mohawks in honor of a teacher who had passed away from breast cancer. You might want to consider doing this AFTER homecoming to prevent a number of mothers from going into freak-out mode. 

Mobile Mavens - Partnering with the local hospitals Mobile Mammography program is a great way to spread the word and be pro-active in finding a cure. Sandy LeClear and her salon, Trend Setters in Fort Wayne, IN, have volunteered to be a location for the service. She even said she’s had clients “get squeezed with tint cooking!” Yes, your client can even go get tested as her color processes. It’s a win-win for everyone.
















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