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Hair Color > Articles > BTC Facebook BFF 911: Ombré Coloring Tricks and Tips

Facebook BTC BFF 911:
Ombré Coloring Tricks and Tips

The Ombré haircolor technique is one of the hottest trends and most requested salon services out there, but not everyone knows how to achieve this look. Take for instance our BTC BFF Allison Thomas who recently posted this question on our Facebook wall, “Does anyone have a good technique [or trick] to do an Ombré color technique? I really want to try it.” As suspected, our “cyber-mentor” advice came flooding in. Here’s what some had to say:

Doug Macintosh: “I like to place a few foils on the top, sides and crown with a 5 volume and tease the remaining un-foiled hair. I then take Platinium with a 40 volume, paint it on my colorist gloves and apply the color by grabbing the teased hair. By doing it like this the hair gets a natural, sun-lightened look. Keep in mind, anything goes. I suggest you play with it on models and remember to have fun and be creative.”

Will Armstrong: “The great thing about Ombré is anything goes. Bleeding to some extent is OK and you don’t really need to be precise. I recommend pulling out sections and backcombing. Try using multi-tones on the same stand. It is so much fun!”

Robin Sand: “Ombré is great on men with 1.5-2” growth for subtle highlight/gray blending. I learned this at an Aveda class a few months ago.”

Nicole Brumley: “Try using a foiling board. It helps a bunch!”

Patty Gibbons: “Create a ponytail on the top of the head, tease the hair out and lighten from tail holder on out. Cut the tail holder to remove and you’re done!”

Lauren Billingsley: “Tease the entire head section by section. Apply thick lightener to the midshafts and ends. Process with a cap on, rinse, detangle and tone if needed. My hair is done this exact way and the variation of dark roots to light ends is totally seamless.”

Christina Valentine: “I apply color with a comb, not a color brush!”

Kamie Herrera: “I did this on a client who was real edgy. She wanted some peek-a-boo highlights with gradual lightness. I left out the top section around her crown and gradually got heavier with my foils as I traveled down her head. It turned out gorgeous!”

John Blue: “I make pie secton on the entire head, starting with quadrants from ear to ear, the center of the hairline fringe, the center of the back of the neck, approximately 1 ½-2” wide. I then backcomb all the sections. After that I paint lightener or color on the last 4-5” of hair and place in foils. I then slide the foils down a ¼ of an inch to create a “melted” look. Process and comb in a leave-in detangler BEFORE you shampoo. This makes it so much easier to get through, although your assistant will still hate you. I’ve been doing this technique for years and my clients love it.

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