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Multi-Cultural > Articles > Rodney Cutler Talks Texture: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Rodney Cutler Talks Texture:
Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Between working backstage at Fashion Week, tending to his impressive line-up of celebrity clientele and creating cutting and color techniques that are used by Salon at ULTA stylists across the country, Redken Expert / Celebrity Runway Stylist Rodney Cutler for ULTA comes into contact with various textures of hair on a regular basis. Here he shares five tips, tricks and techniques for textured hair every hairdresser should remember and consider:

1. “Clients are requesting looks more than ever that are easy to replicate out of the salon. To make a client’s life a little easier, consider using a cutting technique to bring out the client’s natural texture. You’ll want the shape to be 70% in place before they even hit it with their blow dryer when styling at home. My technique of choice would be point cutting to accentuate movement and texture. Also consider using texturizing shears (not thinning shears) which will open up the hair for added movement.”

2. “What changes from season to season on the runway with curly hair can be as simple as the finish of the curl; one season it is a matte finish and the next season we could very well see a shiny and glossy finish. Product knowledge and application is critical in staying current with what is new in fashion and beauty. What are my favorite products? For a matte finish I prefer using Redken Rough Paste. It’s great for a flexible hold and still allows for creating separation. For shine, I've been really big into using Redken Glass. It’s great because it is not sticky and hard, it provides an all-day shiny finish and you can still run your hands through the hair.”

3. “Remember, not all texturizing products work on every curly hair type. It is your responsibility to educate your client on whether or not they need curl support or moisture. Again, product knowledge is crucial in regards to textured hair. When choosing product look at the damp hair and consider the following: Do you want to create support? Are you trying to achieve a curl boost or is your ultimate goal volume and/or root lift? When styling is complete, are you in need of a shine spray or a hair spray? Creating a game plan prior to layering products will allow you to keep textured hair tamed and looking terrific.”

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4. “Don’t assume your favorite product is right for all seasons and you should consistently tweak your product cocktails. For instance, textured hair requires additional moisture during the winter months and curl support during hot, humid summer months. Here are some of my favorite product cocktails:
Spring – Redken Align + Redken Vinyl Glam
Summer – Redken Power Tame (to repel humidity) + Redken Rough Paste (to off set moisture)
Fall – Redken Root Lifter + Redken Outshine
Winter –Redken Glass 01 + Redken Satin Wear (combat dry hair)

5. “When coloring textured hair, I love creating ribbon highlights. By this I mean highlighting the hair in a way that is consistent with the curl’s natural fall. Ribbon sections tend to be thicker and not woven as finely because on curls they would loose color definition. Foiling in ribbon sections showcases the color on a curly hair shaft beautifully!”

TELL US: What is your trusty tip, trick or technique when working with textured hair?

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