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Hair > Articles > The Great Debate - BTC Vidal Sassoon Cover

The Great Cover Debate: The Results are In!

There was a raging debate here at BTC Headquarters over which image of Vidal Sassoon should grace our cover. Should we choose the iconic, full-body, artistic shot that clearly acknowledges our respect for the legend and the mystique of Vidal Sassoon? Or should we print the photo of the joyful, broadly smiling Vidal—an image so surprising and vulnerable that some may find it startling and maybe even a bit uncomfortable?

To help us decide, we asked YOU, our devoted members, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, which cover we should print. Sure enough, the responses came flooding in and it was a battle royale. The decision? It’s was a close one—that’s for sure. But to keep in you in suspense we’re not going to totally reveal the final result just yet.  In the meantime, see why some people chose “The Legend” and why others preferred “The Man.”

“The Legend”
“I absolutely love this cover. It is amazing. Just his pose alone says everything!!”
Jessica Wimer
Lacy Cosmetology School
Goose Creek, SC 

“Vidal is my IDOL! He is legendary and so much more than ‘The Man.’ Vidal made the hair industry what it is today and paved the way for those of us who love our business and industry.”
Diana Lyons
Salon Owner/Manager
Napa Valley Hairstylist
Napa, CA

“I love the fact that he has his arms open. It’s as if he is embracing the industry and past, present and future stylists.”
Patricia Gardner
School Owner/Instructor
Mission Viejo, CA

“His arms are open and ready to embrace what comes next. He is a master at his craft and has taught millions of us how to be amazing designers. Let us return the embrace and thank him for all he has done for our industry.”
Salon Owner/Manager
Salon Echo
Chicago, IL

“He looks confident and chic and a master at what he does. This is a powerful and iconic image of a person who harnesses the power of his creative mind.”
Terry Maddren
Pittsburgh, PA

“I chose this one because this cover indicates that he will be opening up about himself in this issue. This cover says to me, ‘This is me. Here I am. Let me tell you my story.’ That’s why I like it.”
Amy Zielinski
Chicago, IL

“He is ‘The Man’ who is ‘The Legend.’ We have all been touched by his hand in some way in our lives and we have all learned so much from him. That makes him a legend!”
Jody MacPherson
Salon Owner
Riverview, FL

“In the picture I think he looks very powerful, yet angelic. I also like how you can see his hands. Through his ideas and those hands he changed this industry forever.”
Karen J. Brown
Booth Renter
Austin Charles Salon
Olympia, WA

“I chose ‘The Legend’ because I feel that he was, still and will forever a legend. Yes, he is a man (obviously) but he has changed the world in my eyes. I have a crazy passion for hair that gives me goosebumps, and the first cover I feel shows how powerful he is. He inspires me to the core! Thank you.”
Nicole Colavita
Salon on 4th
Philadelphia, PA

“The Man”
“I chose this photo because he seems to be passionate and happy about his career and what he has accomplished!”
Devinn Mungro
Salon Owner
Shear Request
Charlotte, NC

“It is a wonderful layout—a current take on Bauhaus design principles. The bright coloration of Vidal Sassoon and the BTC type really pops and catches the viewer’s attention. The portrait photograph exudes a zest for life. I especially like the hint of Mr. Sassoon's fingers—just a slight glimpse of the hands that have been so innovative over many a year.”
Lucille Perrone
Parisian Beauty Academy/Paul Mitchell
Denville, NJ

Love this candid shot! I think it shows the humanity behind the legend. Obviously, life has dealt him quite a deck of cards and he has played them brilliantly!
Leslie Nestor
Salon Owner
tHAIRapy lounge
Glens Falls, NY

“This photo is more real, more now, and really, we know Vidal is a legend. This 2nd cover shows a man of great energy, not fearful of age. Happier then ever, and yet not hiding behind that larger then life smile. ‘The Legend’ cover has been done—the pose is just that, a pose. In fact, I feel there really isn’t much of anything legendary about that cover.”
Stephen Obler
Salon Owner/Stylist
Sho Coiffeur Culture Couture
Fullerton, CA

“He looks completely content with all he has achieved and given to an industry that is so underrated. Thank you, Vidal.”
Salon Owner/Manager & Stylist
La Unica
Sydney, Australia

“I love the beautiful smile and the peaceful energy it evokes! It displays satisfaction with life and his accomplishments and contributions to the world!”
Russell Romano
Salon Owner/Stylist
Paul Martin Salon
Whiting, IN

“I admire Vidal Sassoon as a legend. But I like the ‘The Man,’ it makes me feel more connected. When I hear ‘legend,' I feel distant—like he is at a place and I can never be close to him.”
Salon Owner/Manager & Stylist
Geetaz Eclectic Beauty Bar
New Brunswick, NJ

“I chose this one because it shows us a sense of character and who Vidal Sassoon really is as person......everyone knows ‘The Legend,’ but I'm interested in ‘The Man!’ He's smiling? So does he have a sense of humor? It seems so! I like that!”
Kristen Welch
Booth Renter
Salon Avant-Garde
Fort Myers, FL

“They say you can see behind the eyes to the soul when someone laughs. No ego, just the person. When I have heard Mr. Sassoon speak , he speaks from the heart, and he is truly one of the greatest mentors that has lived and still living in our industry. We are blessed to have him and he is blessing us with his gift of knowledge.”
Noelyne Langston
Salon Owner/Manager
Noelyne Ltd. Salon
Fayetteville, NC

TELL US: Which cover did YOU like better? Why?




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