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Nails > Articles > 6 Hair and Makeup Tips For a Perfect Holiday Look


6 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Look

There are two facts about the holiday season. First, your client’s social calendar gets busy, and second, your appointment calendar gets busy as a result. The holidays are a time of gatherings, parties and big events—and your clients want to look their absolute best for all the pictures that are sure to wind up on Facebook. So how do you give your client a flawless look that’ll last from appetizers to the final toast? For advice, we went to Melanie Mills, an Emmy-winning Department Head Makeup Artist for Dancing with the Stars, and her partner in crime, hairstylist Aubrey Loots, who has done hair for Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week and owns two Los Angeles salons. Together, they just returned from a successful New York Fashion week, where they ran the makeup and hair departments for Steven Burrows, Indashio, NAMI, Mike Vensel and El Acosta. Here are their six tips for creating the perfect hair and makeup look:

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1. Prep
Melanie begins her A-list look by placing eye collagen pads and an ice-chilled cloth on her client’s face. A half hour treatment tightens the skin and creates a perfect canvas for later. “The collagen pads are a great instant eye lift and help the under-eye area look fresh." At the same time, Aubrey sets the hair with a foundation-building product—he prefers Sebastian or Oribe products. "I like starting from wet to dry. However, on set, you don't always have that luxury, so I insist models come to set with clean hair!" he says.

2. Tone
Melanie sprays a toner on the face before applying makeup; this tightens up pores and prevents skin from getting oily too quickly.

3. Go Light
After taking down the set, Aubrey brushes the hair into shape with a flexible, anti-humidity hairspray. Aubrey suggests a build-as-you-go approach to doing hair—apply products only as you need them while working the hair into shape. Doing so helps any style last longer. "The finer the hair, the less products you need," he notes.

4. Bat an Eye at Lashes
“With these looks, lashes are most always a must,” Melanie says. To properly apply lashes, start by curling them. Then apply duo glue to a lash strip and let it air dry—while it dries, apply a coat of mascara. Apply the lash to the lid with an orange stick, rolling it into the lash line with the help of an orange stick. For extra security, use a latex sponge and push the lashes in. Finally, apply another coat of waterproof mascara. “Those babies aren’t going anywhere!” Melanie says.

5. Solid Foundation
With a brush, Melanie applies foundation and uses a damp Beauty Blender to blend and seal it. “I take HD powder from Makeup Forever and use a puff to press into t-zone to seal in the foundation.
For Aubrey, foundation starts at the roots. He has his clients flip their heads over so he can give them a root shot to add extra volume and movement—he suggests Oribe Dry Texture Spray. But this technique isn’t just for stars with voluminous locks, it’s for straight hair, too! Aubrey says the technique is done on celebs with sleek hair, like Gwyneth Paltrow. "Just because it’s pin straight, does not mean it should not have root lift and movement."

6. Lock it up
"To really lock a look in, I use a sealer mist all over face," Melanie says. For his hairstyles, Aubrey uses a light, anti-humidity hairspray and always sprays a light mist of shine spray for extra glamour.

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