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Business > Articles > BTC BFF 911: Ways to Raise Your Prices

BTC BFF 911: 
Ways to Raise Your Prices

BTC Facebook BFF Gena Bower Tiffany from Eastside Salon in Stanwood, WA has a problem. “How do you raise prices for long-time clients?” she asks. “I charge some of them less than the menu price because they are loyal and book every 4-8 weeks. Is the economy right for raising prices?” Have no fear Gena for your BTC BFFs are here with great advice and solutions:

“You are a business, not a charity. I think because we are members of a loving and caring industry we sometimes forget that.”
—Heather Rasmussen Boyd
Salon NV
Huntley, IL

“Think about it this way-when you go to the grocery store and the price of milk has increased, do you get to pay the lower price because you are a loyal customer? Consider posting a notice announcing your upcoming price increase, include the effective date and list the services and new prices. This gives your clients ample warning and the transition should be fairly easy. When I did this at my salon, I posted the notice about three months before the increase.”
—Antje Woelbern
Shagg Hair Design
Mackenzie, British Columbia

“Clients won’t leave because of your prices, but they will leave if they receive bad customer service. They will leave if they are bored or if you are running behind. When you charge more, you need to bring more to the service so they are getting quality for their buck. Take classes and talk to your clients about what you have learned. Also get certified in the products you are using.”
—Julia A Glassy
Julia’s Just for You
Glendale, Arizona

“I use a loyalty program. Clients start out at a new client price and stay there as long as I can afford to keep them there. I always keep my current prices posted at my station so they are aware of the deal they are getting. They will often tip generously to make up for their good deal. This works particularly well with male clients who seek out low cost haircuts and are appreciative of great service.”
—Ann Sanderson
Odango Hair Studio
Portland, OR

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