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Hair > Articles > What Would You Do: Hot, Crossed Bun

What Would You Do: Hot, Crossed Bun

Not every bride is into the loose, romantic updo with lots of curls and tendrils. On the other side of the updo spectrum are styles like this style we found on Pinterest: tight, highly structured works of art that require a skilled hand and the right products to achieve. So here’s the inevitable question: What would you do? We asked more than 85,000 BTC Facebook Fans how they would create this look, and here are just a few suggestions:

“Pull both sides of the hair tight, leave the top section out, and let the hair hang freely. Backcomb the top a little, pull it back and down into the larger section of free-hanging hair. Start creating a loose bun, and section random sections to create the overlay effect. I would use Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray and Awapuhi Shine Spray.”
Lyndsay Madsen
BTC Facebook Fan

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"I would divide the hair into three sections: Nape, temple to temple around the head, and top. Divide the bottom section into two pieces and tie them together, securing the ends with clips for the time being. Then pull the middle section into a ponytail and fashion it into a bun. Tease the top and crown and smooth it back, crisscrossing the 2 sides over the bun. Secure the tails from the nape section over the pieces from the top into the bun. Finally, secure the tails from the top section into the bun. Pin as you go and spray!"
Kim Taylor Browning
Owner/Hairstylist at The Vault
Beech Grove, IN

"How you create this look depends on the hair length, obviously. In this case, it looks like multiple ponytails: the top one is topsy-turvey and doubled under the band for the primary height, and the bottom section is created the same way and anchored. The sides are pulled back and intertwined. To create this look, you need hair ties, bobby pins, roller pins, hair pins, a natural fiber brush, the LANZA Healing Volume line, LANZA Contour Fiber Cream, LANZA Sculpt Dry Clay and a hot iron and/or a flat iron."
Natalie Jill Clements
BTC Facebook Fan

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"I’ve done this look, it’s SO popular in my salon for wedding season! I start by prepping the hair with Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo and a light back-brushing. Then I take a 4-inch section in the center-back of the head and create a smooth, ballet-style bun, using an elastic and bobby pins to hold in any loose edges. Then, in a way similar to doing a French braid, I start pulling pieces and bring them to the opposite side, pinning as I go. Next, I apply Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss to my hands and gently pull back the top sections to create a soft and natural look, pinning it where the hair meets the bun and concealing the pins under the bun. I finish the look with a healthy dose of Kenra Platinum Volume Spray 25. Such a beautiful look to give us stylists a break from the monotony of the curl-and-pin styles."
Maurya Torgerson
BTC Facebook Fan

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"I would start with damp hair and Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse (a MUST-have!). Blowdry, and set the hair with Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press (or Hold Me Tight) and my Keratin Complex curling iron for body and control. I would section a large diamond shape in the back, place in a mid-low pony, backcomb a center slice of the pony, and smooth and roll to form a bun. With the rest of the pony, criss-cross sections back and forth over the bun. With the remaining hair, design the front and sides and criss-cross over the back and pin into the bun. Finish with TIGI Bedhead Hard Head Hairspray for great hold, you can layer it to make it stronger without looking webby, and finish with Aquage Beyond Shine Spray. (I am a product junkie, I pick the best from each line!)"
Andrea Barnett Day
Salon JB
St. Louis, MO

TELL US: How would YOU create this updo?


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