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Hair > Articles > 10 Ways It Factor Can Save You Time in the Salon

How to Save More Time in the Salon
10 Reasons It Factor Can Help


By now, you’ve probably heard about It Factor, the hot new Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner Duo that saves so much time—up to 50%!—off your clients’ hair drying time, it has beauty editors, celebrity stylists, beauty bloggers and salon owners across the country raving. Why? In the salon, time equals money. At home, it means more “me-time” for clients. But wait, there’s more! Get the It Factor with these time-savers, too!

1. Save precious time! It’s worth repeating: It Factor’s exclusive VaporBoost System™ speeds up natural evaporation up to 50% by reducing the attraction between the hair shaft and water. When heat is applied, the water quickly releases from the hair and turns into water vapor. Poof—it’s gone!, saving 10 to 20 minutes per client, so you can take a lunch break, take more time to pamper your clients or fit in more clients during the day. You have to use shampoo and conditioner anyway—it makes sense to choose the duo that helps every appointment go faster.

2. Simplify salon life at the backbar! It Factor works for everyone, so there’s no need to waste time, money or space on products you might pull out just once or twice a week. Whether your clients’ hair is long, short, curly, colored, straightened or lengthened with extensions, It Factor’s got it covered!

3. Banish time-sucking cocktailing at the station. It Factor’s shampoo and conditioner are all you need to leave your client’s hair clean, soft, shiny, healthy, bouncy, detangled and frizz-free. Once your client’s in your chair, she’s ready for you to work your artistry.

4. Power-up your shelves. It Factor’s gorgeous counter display (with removable header to fit on all shelves), shelf talkers, press sheets, tent cards and more come out of the box ready to go onto your shelves, so you’re in business in minutes.

5. Sampling’s a snap. We’ve made it fast and easy for your clients to try It Factor when you send them home with our deluxe sample packs that do double duty as brochures to share the It Factor story.

6. Get real—No need to memorize a script. It Factor’s story is real, so it’s easy to share (Our founder grew weary of waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for his wife to finish doing her hair every time they wanted to go out. He decided to make their lives easier by creating It Factor for her. It’s that simple!)

7. Take the guessing out of take-home. With just two products, your clients always know what they need. Hint: They’re pink! Plus, with no need for styling products, hair stays cleaner between shampoos, giving clients even more me-time at home, thanks to less frequent shampooing.

8. Make ordering and inventory management a breeze with just two backbar and four retail products. We’ve cut out all the unnecessary skus, so you don’t waste money on slow-selling extra inventory that sits on your shelves collecting dust.

9. Don’t watch your profits swirl down the drain! It Factor’s so concentrated, you use a VERY small amount of product, so you can conserve and save product, water and electricity with every client.

10. Give your client the most valuable gift—more me-time every day!

What are your favorite ways to save time with It Factor? Let us know on Facebook.

To learn more, follow It Factor on and Twitter @ItFactorBeauty, visit or call 855-483 2286 toll free.


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