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Hair > Articles > BTC Styling Tip: Finessed Finger Waves

BTC Styling Tip:
Finessed Finger Waves

Modern finger waves are irresistible, especially when they’re as pretty and polished as this.  Heads turned when January Jones sported this look at the Vanity Fair Oscars after- party. “More and more of my clients are asking for classic hair styles with a modern twist,” says ONE Styling artist David Lopez. “And with prom and wedding season approaching, it’s a great alternative to an updo.” David notes that this hairstyle works on nearly all hair types, although your curly clients will need a smooth blowout first! “When consulting with your client on how to style her hair for a special occasion, it’s always important to pay close attention to the silhouette of her dress and neckline,” he adds. “You don’t want the hair and dress competing for attention.”

David’s Preferred Tools: ONE Styling Epic Dryer and ONE Styling VERGE Curl Styx

 “Be patient!” says David. “If this is the first time you are attempting such a polished look, give yourself plenty of time to make it perfect.”

2. Prep by applying a styling mousse or texture spray liberally to damp hair. Rough dry the hair, lifting at the roots until it’s 80 to 90 percent dry. Finish drying with a couple passes of a boar bristle round brush in the crown area to lift and smooth strands. “I love the ONE Styling Epic Dryer with Ionic Intel, which allows the user to select either positive ions, which open the cuticle for more volume, or negative ions, which close the cuticle for a sleek finish,” David says. Don’t pull the hair too tightly while drying or the finish will be limp and lifeless. “This is the secret to longer lasting curls and waves!” David reveals.

3. Using the arch of the client’s brow as a guide, create a clean side part with a tail comb. Take this time to smooth the hair completely—it will make the next steps easier.

4. Divide the back of the head in half as if making pigtails and push the hair forward. Subdivide each side horizontally from temple to temple, clipping the top sections up and away.

5. For extra shine and hold, spray each section with a heat setting spray like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray. Starting at the temple, wrap 1-inch sections around the ONE Styling VERGE Curl Styx, which comes with three interchangeable barrel sizes. “I like the wrapping technique for this style,” says David. “The hair should twist gently as you make your way around the barrel which, when released, will give you the perfect s-wave pattern.”  

6. Continue working around the head. Remember that each curl has to set so avoid fussing, tugging or pulling a section after it is released from the curling rod. Curl everything in the same direction.

7. Spray the bristles of a Mason Pearson brush liberally with a strong hold spray like Kenra Volume Spray. Starting at the crown, brush out the curls, allowing them to form s-waves. Continue spraying and brushing until the finish is perfectly smooth--long smooth brush strokes are critical!

8. Tuck one side of the hair behind the ear, use long pins to secure the ends, and tuck them into the base below the occipital bone, creating the faux bob. Criss-cross the bobby pins for extra security.  

9. Mist a large blush brush with hair spray and glide along the crown, nape and hairline to smooth flyaways. “The blush brush is perfect for tamping down these small hairs without affecting the rest of the style,” David says.

10. Finish with a strong hold hairspray and a spritz of shine spray.

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