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Hair Color > Articles > BTC Breaking News: 2014 NAHA Finalists Announced!

 2014 NAHA Finalists Announced!

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) announces the much anticipated finalists for the 2014 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). NAHA continues to celebrate the artistry and skill of the professional salon industry. NAHA entrants, finalists and winners continuously push the boundaries of trend-setting style. Drawing from leading editorial, celebrity and platform artists whose work graces top fashion and beauty magazines, runway shows, and red carpets, NAHA is the culmination of style, beauty trends and sheer artistry.  
The 2014 NAHA Ceremony is open to ALL and will be held on Sunday, July 13, 2014, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Enjoy an evening filled with high-energy, creative expression and artistic presentations by Aveda, jcp salonRedken and 2013 Hairstylist of the Year winner, Allen Ruiz.

Noted entertainment journalists, television personalities and producers, Bill and Giuliana Rancic will host this year's Awards Ceremony. The Rancic's are one of America's most beloved couples. Each week on E! the couple is watched by millions on their hit reality show, "Giuliana & Bill," which recently debuted its seventh season. This dynamic duo is sure to bring charm, energy and excitement to the 25th Anniversary celebration.  

To see the work of all the NAHA finalists and to learn more about the NAHA Awards Ceremony on Sunday, July 13, 2014, in Las Vegas, visit

2014 Finalists

Avant Garde
Chrystofer Benson | Matrix |  South Weber, UT                         
Austin Finley |  TONI&GUY |  Dallas, TX
Ludovic Leroy |  Medz Salon |  Verdun, QC
Jake Thompson |  Lunatic Fringe |  Salt Lake City, UT
Silas Tsang |  Blushes |  Ottawa, ON
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Contemporary Classic
Sonna Brado | Jaazz Salons, Inc. | Spokane, WA
Geno Chapman |  Julian August  |  Los Angeles, CA
Shirley Gordon |  Strands Hair Studio |  Wheaton, MD
Michael Haase |  Platinum Black |  Los Angeles, CA
Sal Misseri |  Ladies and Gentleman Salon | Chicago, IL
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Michael Albor |  The Loft Salon |  Boston, MA
Geneva Cowen |  Sam Villa |  Anchorage, AK
Franco Della Grazia |  Cutler Salon NYC |  Florham Park, NJ
Lisa Espinoza |  Salon Fluxx |  Naperville, IL
Sherri Jessee |  Sherri's Hair Salon |  Bristol, VA
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Berry Bachen |  MAINENTRANCE Artists | New York, NY
Chrystofer Benson |  Matrix |  South Weber, UT
Alina Friesen |  A Michael Levin Salon Group |  Vancouver, BC
Daniel Rubin |  Dennis Bartolomei |  Chicago, IL
Loretta Tom |  Salon Haze |  Vancouver, BC
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Hairstylist of the Year
David Barron |  Barron's London Salon |  Atlanta, GA
Chrystofer Benson |  Matrix |  South Weber, UT
Anthony Cress |  Studio 4 Salon |  Costa Mesa, CA
Alain Pereque |  Saco Salon Drummond |  Montreal, QC
Steven Robertson | Lunatic Fringe Salon | Salt Lake City, UT
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Makeup Artist of the Year
Katy Albright | Waxhaw, NC
Heath Bryant-Huppert |  HAUS Salon |  Minneapolis, MN
Janell Geason |  Aveda |  Eden Prairie, MN
Katelyn Simkins |  Denver, CO
Brad Van Dyke |  Aveda Institute Denver |  Denver, CO
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Master Hairstylist of the Year
Alain Pereque and Richard Ashforth |  Saco Salon Drummond |  Montreal, QC
Chrystofer Benson |  Matrix |  South Weber, UT
Vivienne Mackinder |  Hairdesigner TV |  Riverhead, NY
Anna Pacitto |  Salon Pure |  Montreal, QC
Ruth Roche |  Rare by Ruth Roche |  New York, NY
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Men's Hairstylist of the Year
Jorge Buccio |  J Buccio Salon |  Austin, TX
Marylle Koken |  The Harlot |  Venice, CA
Matthew Morris |  Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare |  Denver, CO
Paul Pereira | Solo Base |  Toronto, ON
Matthew Tyldesley |  Hair by Charles & Company |  Louisville, KY
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Newcomer Stylist of the Year
Bailey Bute |  Butterfly Loft Salon |  Newbury Park, CA
Oxana Kim |  Etual by Larisa |  Valencia, CA
Chris Rushton |  Logan 14 Salon & Spa |  Washington, D.C.
Carley Throgmorton |  Dallas Roberts Salon |  West Jordon, UT
Jaelyn Walker |  Michael Levine Salon |  Vancouver, BC
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Salon Design
Susan Healy |  HC Studio |  Brookline, MA
Tomy Lulgiura |  6 Salon |  Royal Oaks, CA
Robert Quinn |  Zoltons Salon and Spa |  Scottsdale, AZ
Steve Schardein |  Schardein's Salon and Spa |  Oklahoma City, OK
Todd White V Platinum Entourage |  Las Vegas, NV
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Salon MBA
Karie Bennett |  Atelier Studio |  San Jose, CA
Matthew Morris |  Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare |  Denver, CO
Tina Morschauser |  Rejuvenation Spa |  Madison, WI
Bryan Nunes |  Blo |  Raleigh, NC
China Wong |  Salon Spa W |  Des Moines, IA
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Salon Team
DJ/Berry Riggs/Bachen |  MAINENTRANCE Artists |  New York, NY
Anna/Daniel Pacitto/Benoit |  Pure Salon |  Montreal, QC
Stephanie Ericson |  Lunatic Fringe |  Salt Lake City, UT
Daniel Holzberger |  Van Michael Salons |  Atlanta, GA
Chad Taylor |  Moods Hair Salon |  Vancouver, BC
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Student Hairstylist of the Year
Angel Alferez | Eric Fisher Academy | Wichita, KS
Jason Appel | Aveda Fredric's Institute | Indianapolis, IN
Kayla Bosaw | Aveda Fredric's Institute | West Chester, OH
Shie Eck | Eric Fisher Academy | Wichita, KS
Nicole Gary | San Bernardino Beauty College | San Bernardino, CA
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Mark Dolan | Evolution | Minneapolis, MN
Danielle Keasling | Salon Karma -|Blufton, SC
Dilek Onur-Taylor | jcp salon | Dallas, TX
Diva Poulos | Diva International Salon | San Francisco, CA
Lisa Vann | Milagros Salon Spa | Seattle, WA
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