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Hair Color > Articles > Base Blend: Turquoise

Base Blend: Turquoise

Now here's a base blend that won't make you feel blue inside. This dusty, turquoise-silver blend from Chris Weber of Barbarella Hair Salon in Vancouver, BC, Canada, was inspired by his creative client. "I liked the idea of blending three colors perfectly, and I love to create an artistic piece, not just a haircolor," notes Chris. "Hair is Art and its important to love what you do!" So Chris grabbed his favorite shades and melted them into one another to create the perfect custom blend. Here's how he did it!

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Before: Her natural color is 3/0 and her hair was already bleached to a medium green from a previous color we did a few months prior.

Color Formulas
Formula A (bleach): Wella Professionals Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

Formula B (base): Wella Professionals Color Touch 8/81 + 10/6 1:1 + 1.9%

Formula C (toner): Wella Professionals Color Touch 3/0 + 1.9%

1. To start, bleach out the ends and the remaining hair to a Level 10 with Formula A (his client's color lifted to a pretty white).

2. Next, apply Formula B in the back, working your way to the front.

3. Then tone the hair with Formula C and leave it on for about 10 minutes.

4. Blend the color into the roots with Formula B, still keeping some of the turquoise shadow she previously had in her hair. Process the color for 10 minutes the rinse.


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