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Nails > Articles > How-To: Stonewash Sponged Nails

How-To: Stonewash Sponged Nails


Here’s a cool technique that’s super easy, but totally delivers the “wow” factor. Sponging on the smoky blue and metallic orange over the black creates a super luxe look. Plus, when you create this design with CND VINYLUX®, you’ll be giving your client seven-day, chip-resistant wear. Here’s the how-to!

1. Prep the nails. CND recommends using the P.E.P. Technique to ensure VINYLUX® adheres properly to the natural nail plate. P.E.P. stands for Perform a Manicure, Eliminate Surface Contaminants and Purify Nail Plate Layers.

2. Apply two thin layers of VINYLUX® Black Pool.

3. Using a makeup sponge with VINYLUX® Cityscape, sponge the color in a random pattern. Repeat with VINYLUX® Denim Patch, Black Pool and Hand Fired.

4. Apply a thin layer of VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat.

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