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Tools & Accessories > Articles > 5 Ways To Keep Your Clients Happy

5 Ways To Keep
Your Clients Happy

It's important to be mindful of how your salon makes your customers feel, and actually, creating a space your clients want to relax in can be a lot easier than you might think. So, are you ready to make your space feel like your client's home away from home? Here are a few ideas from Takara Belmont's Jillian Dreicer for how to make your salon feel totally comfortable for every guest that walks through your door.

1. Make it Snappy
Time is precious, and people today are always on the go. Your clients want to be able to receive the best services from the salon as efficiently as possible so they can continue with their busy schedules. Think about saving your client’s time by filling your salon with efficient technology such as the Rollerball F hair processer. In comparison to a traditional ceramic element, the Roller Ball F uses high-purity carbon to achieve its impressive speed and power.

2. Set the Mood
Dim lighting in a shampoo space can create a serene environment and encourage your clients to unwind and focus on relaxation. Try painting the walls a relaxing shade of blue or even adding a few accent pieces to tie the space together. Your clients will never want to leave!

3. Make it Comfy
Sit back and relax! Providing comfortable furniture encourages your clients to enjoy their experience in your salon. Consider filling your space with cozy furniture your clients will appreciate such as an ODIN backwash. The backwash provides comfort and style with its roomy seating and curved backrest that hugs the body, preventing your clients from sliding around. The shampoo bowl can also be tilted to accommodate for varying height differences amongst your customers.

4. Chill Out
Salon temperatures can get very warm due to all the dryers heating up the space. Try installing a fan or air conditioner to keep your customers cool and content!  Depending on your design aesthetic, ceiling fans can provide depth to a space and be a real conversation piece. If you are going for a rustic look for your salon, consider installing a wood-textured fan to add to the rustic ambiance of the space. However, if your design is more modern and industrial, a standout metallic fixture can spice up any room.

5. Listen and Be Open to Feedback
While it would be nice to know what design will resonate with your clients before a renovation, you can always make small adjustments to your décor afterwards. Bright lighting, mirrors and vibrant colors can be added to make a space feel larger. Meanwhile, darker tones and dim lighting will promote a cozier, intimate atmosphere.

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