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Tools & Accessories > Articles > 5 Salons To Inspire Your Space

5 Salons To Inspire Your Space

In need of some design inspiration for the New Year? Of course you are! The New Year means a fresh start for your business and your decor. But that doesn't mean you have to go too crazy. You can make little changes or additions like adding bright lights, mirrors or vibrant colors to make your space feel larger, or go for darker tones and dimmed lighting to create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere. Rollerball F

Takara Belmont always has some salon inspiration for you, and this year they're thinking the new Rollerball F Stand is a great way to bring new possibilities to hair design, while also enhancing the look of your space. With its slim, elegant profile and variety of colors, it's easy to store and gives a high-end finish to your salon space. Plus, it has speed, power and a rotating ring to help color and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster for enhanced results that last.

Check out some salons below that have incorporated the Rollerball F in their space and get some ideas for how you might be able to use it, too.

Bloom Salon

Van Michael Salon

Opulent Day Spa

Salon Bisoux

 Salon On the Ohio

The Rollerball F is on sale NOW!

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