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Hair Color > Articles > COLOR CHEAT! Hot Pink or Pastel Lavender, FAST!

or Pastel Lavender, FAST!

There’s no question about it, this year was big for haircolor. Clients wanted everything from gorgeous gem-inspired naturals to trending fashion colors. Good thing we know exactly how you can take your client to that perfect hue quickly and with the confidence that it won’t fade. Here's how!

Cheat The Hottest Pink

“When I tried Celeb Luxury’s new Viral® Extreme Hot Pink Colorwash®,
I wasn't expecting it to be as pigmented as it was, but BAM!
It was hot pink in just one wash!”
-Amy Nguyen @amynguyenhair

Get the look
1. Amy started with with prelightened Level 9 neon yellow/green. She dampened the hair and applied Celeb Luxury's Viral® Extreme Hot Pink Colorwash® from scalp to ends, saturating globally, then massaging it in for 1 to 2 minutes.

2. She rinsed, dried and styled as usual.

Pro Tip: Send your client home with the product so they can keep their hair looking fresh between appointments, plus it's an added moneymaker for you!

From Faded to Perfect Pastel Lavender

I’m so excited about this amazing Colorwash® and that’s meant specifically
for my lilac color. I use it at home and it’s really true, the more you use it,
the bolder the color becomes. Now, instead of my cleanser taking out the color,
it puts the color in!” 
-Daisy Weigt @beautybydaisyweigt

Get the look
1. Daisy started with faded, medium violet on the lower shaft and pastel lavender pearl on the midshafts and ends. She applied Celeb Luxury’s Viral® Pastel Lavender Colorwash® all over on wet hair, then lathered and rinsed.

2. For added moisture and conditioning, Daisy applied Viral® Blonditioner all over. Then she rinsed, dried and styled as desired.

Note: While these two clients previously had color in their hair, Celeb Luxury® Colorwash® is designed to work on all hair that has been previously lightened.

See all Viral® Colorwash Colors

According to Celeb Luxury®, their new products Viral® Colorwash® and Gem Lites® Colorwash® are the latest in color innovation and are changing the industry in ways colorists have never seen before. Decreasing the amount of time it takes to create beautiful fashion and gem-inspired colors while also being sold as a take-home product, clients are excited for the chance to keep their hair looking fresh between visits and colorists are loving the added value that Colorwash® provides to their service price.

Get all the details about Viral® Colorwash®
and Gem lites® Colorwash®!

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