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Hair Color > Articles > The Vidal Sassoon Dream Team Part II- Anne Humphreys International Director Of Color
In the 1950's, Vidal Sassoon bought the salon in which Annie Humphreys was then working and the rest, as they say, is history!!!

Famous for making haircolor fun, fast and accessible, Annie has experimented with everything from paint rollers to cake icers! "It all comes down to learning and inspiration. Vidal Sassoon has always been about pushing things along creatively and beautifully!"

Annie graciously gave us a few minutes of her time while preparing for the next season of gorgeous Vidal Sassoon color---particularly Spring Summer 2004--launching at Salon International in London October 25-27.

BTC: How did you get into this industry? Who were your role models and how did they influence you?

Annie: "I was always fascinated with hair since I was a child. And color was always particularly interesting. When I was young there really were not any color professionals to follow. There were a few people starting to do more color but not at all like were doing at Sassoon in those days. Truly, Vidal (Sassoon) inspired so many of us to take a new look at style and creativity and working with him was the inspiration for my career."

BTC: Where do you get your inspiration today?

Annie: "I particularly like textures, surfaces, compositions. I find textiles and furniture very inspiring...the combinations of rough and smooth."

BTC: What are the current trends for Sassoon?

Annie: "At the moment, we are working on our Spring Summer 2004 collection. The current collection, Wild Style," is quite strong in the media and we are taking some elements from these styles for our new collection…

…the colors for our next season will be more playful and fun! Think kind of naughty but nice, strong but with a twist!"

BTC: What are you down-time interests?

Annie: "I have been spending more and more time in retail therapy---observing other people's behavior and seeing how they react in retail environments, how they behave and purchase. There are so many messages going out today. I am convinced there has to be good ways to communicate and I enjoy learning."

BTC: Do you have any personal ambition that has not been fulfilled?

Annie: "There are so many things I want to do! One of my ambitions has always been to develop the perfect products
that have duel roles. For example, a product that is absolutely perfect for the hair, perfect for creativity, and is beneficial to the environment. This is something that would benefit everybody."

"I have always longed to have green fingers, and be a really good gardener. That is why I love to teach because it is so rewarding to see growth." "I would also love to paint.

For 26 years, Annie has been the creative soul of the Sassoon International Team, responsible for developing major color and perming techniques that are integral to the famous Sassoon looks --developments that today we take for granted as natural, and most beautiful, facts.

Photography for Cosmoprof by: Bill Knapp
Photography for Wild Style by: Colin Roy

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