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Hair Color > Articles > 5 More Trends For Your Fair-Haired Girls

5 More Trends For Your
Fair-Haired Girls

Blonde is always on-trend. What does that mean? No matter the season, there will always be clients wondering, “Do you think I should go blonder?” The answer—a complete no-brainer— is absolutely yes! Here are five good reasons why!

1. Flaxen Blonde

“The newest blonde is neither ashy nor gold,” says Rick Wellman, Hue Director at SAHAG Workshop and creator of Biolights Color Cotton Strips. “It lies within the realm of a neutral, sandy tone with no strong evidence of highlights or ombré. Yet there’s beautiful, strand-to-strand variation and light dimension throughout which can be achieved with Biolights Color Cotton Strips. Biolights produce the ultimate blended effect.”

To create this blended suede and light fawn combination on actress and model Petra Nemcová, Rick used a tint comb to fold Biolights strips in the opposite direction of the usual foil pattern, following the natural curve and shape of the head. Because the pads adhere to the product, they sit securely without pressure on the hair, preventing visible lines. After highlighting, Rick applied the toner at the roots, processed 10 minutes to soften the base, then emulsified the base formula with Clear for 5 additional minutes to fuse the highlights together.

Schwarzkopf Professional Color Formulas
Formula A (highlights): IGORA Vario Blond Lightener + 20-volume (6%) developer

Formula B (root smudge and toner): Vibrance 9,5-4 + 13-volume (4%) developer

Formula C (highlight fusion): IGORA Vibrance Gloss & Tone 0-00/clear + 6-volume (1.9%) developer






2. Miami Bronzed Blonde

For some clients, light and cool isn’t an option. In those instances, it’s the beautiful, rich and warmer looks that are most flattering. Created for Matrix's American Blondes Collection, this bronzy blonde illuminates and brightens dark hair to enhance a deeper complexion.

“To create this look,” says Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas, “I like to use diagonal sub-sections for movement with a side-brushing technique and a balayage board for soft transitions to create dimension. It’s important to monitor processing carefully to avoid over-lightening.”

Matrix Color Formulas
Formula A (balayage highlights, applied to perimeter from 1-inch off the scalp to midlengths):
1 oz. sachet LIGHTINSIDER Lightening Booster Powder + 3 oz. 20-volume (6%) COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer + 1 tube LIGHTINSIDER Lightening Conditioning Cream

Formula B (balayage highlights/midlengths and ends): 1 oz. sachet LIGHTINSIDER Lightening Booster Powder + 3 oz. 30-volume (9%) COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer + 1 tube LIGHTINSIDER Lightening Conditioning Cream

Formula C (toner): ½ oz. Color Sync 10WN + ½ oz. 8BC + ½ oz. Color Sync 10CG+ 1½ oz. 10-volume (3%) MATRIX Cream Developer

 3. Brushed Metal Blonde

“I’m doing a lot of blondes with brown accents this season,” says Farouk Global Artist Rocky Vitelli. “The tones are cool—in some cases nearly metallic—like this combination of silvery chocolate and icy blonde.”

Here, Rocky applied the blonde formula to the desired sections, processed 30 minutes, rinsed and dried the hair. Next, he applied the darker lowlight tone while toning the blonde sections with a pale silver formula.

CHI Color Formulas
Formula A (blonde):
CHI Blondest Blonde + 20-volume developer

Formula B: CHI Ionic Shades 5N + 4CM + 10-volume developer

Formula C (blonde toner): CHI Ionic Shine Shades 10S + 10-volume developer






4. Coconut Blonde

Bold yet containing soft, natural transitions is how Dana Bremner, creator of the Balayroo Color Applicator, characterizes the “it” blonde of this season. “I also like to add a shadow root, which is a strong trend this summer,” Dana notes.

To create this look, Dana smudged the root area with a neutral beige shade and applied balayage highlights in a V-formation using the Balayroo tool.

Dana using the Balayroo Color Applicator to achieve a seamless balayage!

John Paul Mitchell Systems Color Formulas
Formula A (base): PM Shines XG 7NB + 5-volume developer

Formula B (highlights): Synchro Lift Lightener + 30-volume developer + 
Olaplex No.1 

5. Iced Coffee Bronde

“At its core, the bronde trend is about a rich, natural-looking combination of two of the most classic shades—blonde and brunette—which is achieved by lightening the hair without too much contrast,” says Josh Wood, Wella Global Creative Director for Color. “This technique of color lifting is particularly relevant for clients with dark hair who want to achieve a lighter color that is individual and bespoke.” Josh reveals that one of his favorite “bronde” toners is the new ILLUMINA 5/02 Light Natural Matte Brown.

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