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Tools & Accessories > Collections > HAIelite "Global Beauty Collection"

HAIelite "Global Beauty Collection"

The British flag, Moroccan nights, a Turkish Palace, a Japanese scarf, enjoy how all flow thru as inspiration for the HAIelite Global Beauty Collection by Phillip Wilson and the HAIelite team. Cross-cultural influences, shifting demographics and freedom in fashion shine. Phillip and team created images in hair that reflect regal beauty and International style. Click on the individual images to enlarge.

DISCOVER THE HAIELITE STYLING SECRETS.  ORDER HAIELITE STYLE GALLERY DVD - $39.95.  Learn how to straighten, curl and finish creative hairstyles with HAIclassic and HAIelite tools.

THE PERFECT TOOLS TO CREATE THE STYLE...HAI ELITE TRIO- $137.45. Buy the Copper-T Iron and the Style DVD and receive the Tourmaline Hairdryer FREE.


Phillip Wilson, Ruth Rivas, Nicole King, Eddie Avialos, and Latoya Saenz.
Photographer- Rudi Weislein
Make-up Artist- Betty Kennedy
Clothing Stylist- Tosh

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