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Hair Articles
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Dry Hair Revival
You are the go-to stylist to save client's hair from the harsh elements because you are in the know—but are you?! Check out two how-tos to save their hair!
The Secret to Your Client's Dream Hair
Have you even taken the time to find out about the hair your clients dream about? Chances are it is longer, fuller and shinier—and we can show you how to help her!
So, How Is Your Hair?
Are you taking the time to make sure your hair is just as perfect as your clients' hair? Cynthia shares her story on how she worked through using a thinning hair product at the age of 22 and how it ended up helping her clients in the long run!
How-To: Soft Knotted Bridal Updo
We've got the looks for this season's brides straight from The Salon by InStyle (inside JCPenney) with L'ANZA Global Healing Director Ammon Carver. The Salon by InStyle supports their stylists by offering mega-crazy amounts of *paid* education and training. (Pssssst, they also offer a storewide associate discount, medical, dental, paid time off and a 401K!) The Soft Knotted Bridal Updo is one of hundreds of looks you'll learn while building your career at The Salon by InStyle!
Give Her Style a Little More SHINE
Summer is right around the corner, and dull hair? AS IF. She wants SHINE. FOR. DAYS. and a style her friends are totally obsessing over. Here's how you can make it happen!
How-To Duo: Classic Chignon and Knotted Mohawk
Double the looks, double the fun! Pulling inspiration from 2016 NYFW, Victorian watercolors and back around to edgy, Queens, New York style, we have two super looks that play to all of your clients. Plus, we share the secret from Moroccanoil to maintaining the hold and height in updos—check it out!
The Bridal Business Booster
Do you have a super stressed-out bride on your hands and is her thinning hair is part of the problem? We have three treatments that can help her in your chair and at home!
How-To: Massively Sexy
Here's the truth—size DOES matter. That's where TIGI® Bed Head's new volume collection and #MAKEITMASSIVE movement comes in. Here’s a super-sexy, big-hair look from TIGI® European Creative Director Akos Bodi.
Sexy and Rebellious
James Dean was a rebel. And after looking at hair trends and iconic men, and talking to stylists and their clients about the people who inspired them, it became clear. Dean was a very sexy bad boy and the perfect face of Sexy Hair’s men’s products.
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