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Hair Articles
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How-To: Texture Takeover
It’s official: texture is back. This ultra-volumized, dual-textured wave from ghd adds drama and movement to a structured cut.
10 Tips for Cutting Men's Hair
No question—men mean business! Men’s hair requires more frequent upkeep, meaning your chairs stay full. But many hairdressers get a little skittish when it comes to doing men’s hair. Don’t let that stop you from making money! Here are the 10 tips you need to nail men’s styling from Sexy Hair International Master Stylist Kelly Bileddo.
How-To: Glam Summer Style
Instead of repairing your clients' tresses after their summer fun, teach them a protective style that not only prevents damage, but restores strength. We've got a how-to from Macadamia Professional's International Creative Director Giannandrea on using the limited edition Endless Summer collection, your secret weapon to fight frizz, moisturize and protect. Here’s the how-to!
Our 5 Fave Pinless Updos!
So you're waiting on pins and needles...but like, for're waiting on pins—bobby pins—because those super intricate upstyles she loves so much need, like, A MILLION of them. No. Thank. You. Solution time! Here are 5 of BTC's fave pinless updos!
Steph Brinkerhoff Saves Us From 5 Bridal 911s
Some weddings run as smoothly as a satin train. The bridal party arrives on time, with perfect hair, big smiles and completely sober. And then there are the other weddings...  Here are five indispensable saves from BTC Bridal and Upstyle Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff, just in time for the spring wedding season!
Charlie Le Mindu Thrills Paris Art Scene with "Hair Amusement Park"
The Haute Coiffeur Designer showcased his avant-garde hair art for three weeks at the famous contemporary art museum.
How-To: Elegant Waves
This head-hugging, expensive curl with killer shine is great for your chic girl looking for something just a little more polished but not too perfect. Here's how it's done!
How-To: Simply Sleek and Tousled Texture
Spring is here...FINALLY! And you know what that styles to complement that fun, sunny weather and her bubbling personality! Does she want something new and sleek or maybe something more tousled with texture? Make it happen, here's how!
How-To: Easy Faux Hawk Updo
Cross a punky mohawk with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired updo and you’ll get this super-easy look from BTC Brand Ambassador and #ONESHOT Hair Awards Winner Jenny Strebe(@theconfessionsofahairstylist)! And would you believe this takes NO bobby pins? Nada! Instead, Jenny busts out her secret weapon—two invisibobbles, the creaseless hair ring with a unique cord-like design.
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