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Hair Articles
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How-To: Quick Curls, Perfect Texture
When the month of December hits, there is one thing you need to have mastered in the salon and behind the chair—beautiful blown-out waves. Oh, and you have to be able to do it fast! Lucky for you, we have the new tool making holiday hair even easier at the salon.
How-To: Classic Styling Set
Marcel waves, pin curls and flat waves are styling mainstays that you should master. Knowing these timeless techniques can make your styling game even stronger. In this how-to, these three techniques are combined, resulting in a totally classic look.
Time For A #LaughBlast (Or 5!)
The #BTCQuickie offers some great tips, tricks and how-tos, but do you know what's even better? A quickie paired with a #LaughBlast! Because hectic Saturdays happen and you just need something to laugh about, like a 9-week-old baby who has an impressive full head of hair! Enjoy these five funny BTC Quickies that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Intentional Acts of Kindness: The Gift of a Smile
It’s easy to be consumed by all that’s bad in the world. Thanks to the internet, the news, social media—when something bad happens, we relive it over and over. But what if people spent more time focusing on being positive? Spent more time helping others? Giving back? Looking for the light? Could that change your life?
Introducing SEVEN®!
Get to know a brand who strives to be at the intersection of a hairdresser's head, hands and heart.
Well THIS Sounds Interesting...
In the latest “what will they think of next” news…this new smart hairbrush is sensor-packed and uses sound and touch data to determine your hair’s health.
Jared Leto's 12 Most Iconic Looks
Most guys find a hairstyle at some point between high school and marriage, and that’s it for life. Not Hollywood chameleon Jared Leto. Men’s trend-watchers can always count on him for something fresh, funky and fashion-forward, whether it’s for a film or for real. Here’s a look at Jared’s transformations over the years.
How-To: Fierce Mohawk Pony
This confident look is for the girl who stays up until dawn. The secret to sleek? Liberal use of extreme-hold hairspray. Get the steps!
3 Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality At The Salon
Resolutions. Intentions. Goals. Whatever your “New Year, new you” mantra is, we always support stylists in search of their dreams. Whether it’s the beginning of January or just the beginning of a new day, you can always be taking steps toward your career goals. Here are few tips to inspire you behind the chair.  
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