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Hair Articles
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Welcome to the Man Cave!
Something old, something new. No, we’re not talking bridal attire; we’re actually referring to a noticeable trend in men’s haircare. Specifically, the upsurge in hair destinations targeted to guys! Now is the time to take a look into the Man Cave!
7 Ways to Get a Grip on Unruly Texture
Grungy hair is so 1990s. Clients today want to be in control of their textures— whether it’s taming frizz, controlling curl or doing away with unwanted coils and bends. Here are the perfect tools to have in your arsenal!
Clean Up Your Act: 5 Barbering FAQs
Are your barbering skills up to speed? Top men’s stylist Thom Priano takes on some of your frequently asked questions. Get the answers here!
9 Tips to Up Your Cutting and Styling Skills
Matrix Destination 2016 was full of amazing tips, tricks and techniques—and BTC got them all just for you! Check out how the experts are cutting and styling their clients!
Find Your Imagination
Matrix Destination 2016 was an incredible experience, filled with excellent education and passionate presentations! As always, BTC was there to take it all in, and for everyone who couldn’t make it down to Orlando for Destination 2016—no worries!  BTC has the recap you need to find your own inspiration and to #ImagineAllYouCanBe.
How-To: Rachel McAdams' Modern Finger Waves
It comes as no surprise that style queen Rachel McAdams rocked the red carpet of the 2016 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Donning a gorgeous embellished black gown and effortlessly cool modern finger waves, the Spotlight actress proved, once again, that she’s a total star on and off-screen.
How-To: Nicole Kidman's Red Carpet Shine
No one's immune to the classy charms of Nicole Kidman, and last Saturday's SAG Awards were no exception! Her sophisticated and polished long, side-parted waves were the perfect styling touch. Here's how you can get the look!
How-To: Corkscrew Curls
2016 is the year of natural texture—it's time to give those curly girls some more love! Here's how you can get her chic corkscrew curls ready, set, perfect!
Joico Destination Education 2016: Inside the Heads of Sorbie, Mackinder, Pemberton and More
Take 900 hairdressers, thirsty for education.  Add legendary educators Sue Pemberton, Vivienne Mackinder, Martin Hillier, Neil Ducoff, Ben Mollin and Drea Lecher.  Throw in a heaping helping of beauty icon Trevor Sorbie.  Garnish with a rocking ‘80s party and a closing night White Party. Serve it all up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Enjoy for six days. There you have the recipe for the unforgettable 2016 Joico Destination Education.
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