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Multi-Cultural Articles
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How-To: 30 Second Weave Removal
The removal process for that once-flawless weave can be a ruthless battle—one full of ripping and tugging and irreparable damage. With VanishMax, you can remove your clients' weaves in less than thirty seconds, no pain and no hassle.
Keratin Complex Becomes First Smoothing Treatment to Receive OSHA Compliancy
Keratin Complex is pleased to announce they are the first company and brand in this burgeoning category to receive formal OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliancy.
MEMBERS ONLY: Multi-Cultural Color: 10 Commandments
As Mizani’s Director of Education, Veronique Morrison is an expert in all matters relating to textured hair. Curly and wavy textures tend to be more susceptible to dryness and breakage, she says, and because of their fragility, it’s critical to proceed with caution when coloring.
Rodney Cutler Talks Texture: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Between working backstage at Fashion Week, tending to his impressive line-up of celebrity clientele and creating cutting and color techniques that are used by Salon at ULTA stylists across the country, Redken Expert / Celebrity Runway Stylist Rodney Cutler comes into contact with various textures of hair on a regular basis. Here he shares five tips, tricks and techniques for textured hair every hairdresser should remember and consider:  
Texture Q&A: The Best Products and Tools for Textured Hair
Every month, textured hair expert Diane Da Costa will share tips and advice on all things texture, from selecting the right products to expanding your business to attract textured-hair clients. This month, Diane shares tips on relaxers, styling products, shear selection and more.
Diane Da Costa’s Texturizing Technique for Natural Curls
What do you do when your client wants to permanently control unwanted frizz and define her curls? Mizani Texturizing Technique gives you the control you need to execute an even curl pattern during the chemical texturizing process. The technique gives you the ability to reduce the natural curl pattern by 1 to 3 CURL TYPES on the Mizani Natural Curl Key. The results are more manageability with elongated, defined curls and added movement to the hair. Here's the technique.
How to Prevent Tangles, Knots and Tears
Imagine a world free of knots and matted hair. Now close your eyes and picture yourself having the ability to run your comb through your client’s hair and it being free of snags, tugs and tears. Sounds pretty amazing, huh? This could be your reality if you follow these 7 tips and tricks from Master Hair Reconstructor Jeanene Barrett.
Passing the Dudley Torch: A Family’s Legacy Continues
Throughout his life, Joe L. Dudley Sr. has struggled and worked hard for everything in his life. He overcame education hardships by studying and staying determined. He conquered his stuttering affliction by practicing words out of the dictionary as his wife Eunice slept. He proved to the non-believers in his life that he would be a successful entrepreneur. And to think, Dudley Q’s Haircare & Cosmetics came to life in a tiny kitchen back in 1967.  
Diane Da Costa's Favorite Thermal Styling Techniques & Tools
You can take the guess work out of styling wavy, curly and coily textures with some of Diane Da Costa's favorite Thermal Styling Tools and Natural Sets. Here's her list of faves.
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