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How-To: Asymmetrical, Disconnected Edgy Bob
Utilizing the two-in-one capabilities of the Donald Scott NYC razor tools, you can give your client the high-fashion look she's been craving. Check out this simple how-to!
Eco-Friendly Disposable Salon Towels— Cut Your Blow-Dry Time By 40%
Eco-Friendly Disposable Salon Towels save your salon both time and money. They're 10X more absorbent than cotton towels, cutting your blow-dry time by 40%. There's a reason they've taken over the top salons in Europe. Check out why!
Prolong Your Shears - 5 Tips From An Expert Shear Sharpener
Owner of Wicked Sharp Shears in Jupiter, FL, John Kuipers, is a certified shear sharpener with the brand partnerships to back up his years of experience! Here are John's 5 tips that only an expert shear sharpener would know!
7 Hair Cheats—Brush Edition
There's more to this amazing little brush than just its ability to detangle knots. Here are 7 innovative uses for the coolest brush in the biz.
Long Lasting Blow-Dries in Half the Time
Your nine-o’clock walks in and she’s ready for a new summer style—a chic cut, dazzling color and then a gorgeous style-perfecting blowout. How can you manage to get that done on a full schedule? Here's how!
Big Hair In A Flash
Sometimes the only thing left to perfect a look is a little volume! Add some oomph to your client's hair as fast as you can say, "stick 'em up... HIGH!" with The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. 
Don't Worry, Clip Happy
You might be an awesome stylist, but we have to break it to you—without topnotch cutting tools, your talent is limited. So how can you tell if your clippers are amateur? We asked the experts who helped us cut through the clutter of misinformation, so you can fill your station with the best of the best.
Scissor Sisters - Finding the Perfect Set
Take away your shears and you are out of business. But it’s not simple enough to pick up a trusty pair that has been kicking around the salon since before you were born. Time for an upgrade! Here's what you should look for. 
6 America's Beauty Show Classes to Boost Your Business!
America’s Beauty Show, March 22-24, at McCormick Place, in our hometown of Chicago, is only a few weeks away. The whole BTC team can hardly wait! In addition to our annual BTC Stylist Choice Awards, we encourage you to select from the more than 100 classes and workshops to complete your America’s Beauty Show experience! For business building, look for the double-header with Jerry & Karen Gordon, let Repêchage’s Lydia Sarfati upgrade your customer service, or have Frank Gironda show you how to stop color waste. To keep track of it all, download the Americas Beauty Show app!
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