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Hair Color Articles
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How-To: Reflective Brunette
Say goodbye to basic brown color and hello to a whole new world of bold and radiant brunette hues! We're talkin' about adding major shine and elevated reflection to your clients who are rocking even the darkest level brown. Here's how!
How-To: Laguna Beach Blonde
Summer screams blonde—but it’s gotta be the right blonde. We’re talking healthy, glossy hair that makes your client’s eyes pop and their skin glow. We’re NOT talking dull, dry, damaged blonde. Here’s how you give your blondes the special summer boost they're craving without damage, straight from celebrity colorist Denis de Souza!
How-To: Mermaid Pop
Karlie Kloss brought the mermaid vibes with this ocean blue hue! She rocked the blue peek-a-boos of color for a photo shoot, and our friends at PRAVANA gave us the rundown on how to recreate the look using PRAVANA’s newest VIVIDS Jewels shades!
How-To: Corset Color Technique
Every client has a color personality, and as her stylist, you get to help hers shine! The corset color technique brings out bright and light blonde tones that create a look that becomes all her own.
5 Color Tips You Have To Try
Everything is personalized these days—your iPhone case, your nail art, your NIKEiD sneakers. Why should haircolor be any different? That’s the philosophy behind TIGI® Copyright ©olour, and we caught up with Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI team during the Chicago stop of their Colour Tour to make sure we had the best tips on using TIGI’s color and hear all about what TIGI is up to!
How-To: Watercolor Melt
Vibrant and versatile! The Watercolor Melt technique creates tonal highs and lows within your client's hair that is perfect for playing up layers for fine hair.
How-To: High/Low Blonde
Need a natural-looking blonde composition? This technique helps bring icy shades back down to earth with neutral gold, honey lowlights. Here’s a quick technique to add dimension to your “flat whites.”
How-To: Deep Purple Root
This steely, smoky pastel silver with a deep purple shadow root is insane! We love it so much, we reached out to stylist Jackie Hovorka @fullmetaljaxon, a studio owner in Sioux Falls, S.D., to get the lowdown.
9 Color Tips For Your Best Blonde
It's always in to be a blonde—but the season of blonde is officially here. We're talkin' about those sun-kissed locks and beach-blonde hues that everyone is asking for, and we have all the tips and tricks to better your blondes!
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