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The Top 15 Color Formulas of 2016
You guys never cease to amaze us with the incredible work you're creating behind the chair, so we felt it was only right to dedicate a post to you. There were A LOT of color formulas shared in 2016, so here are the top 10 you'll want to bring to the salon in 2017 (if you haven't already!). Check 'em out!
Education That Comes Naturally
In this day and age, more and more people are concerned with what they’re putting in and on their bodies—and haircolor is no exception. Fortunately, for those interested in a natural, organic haircolor, there is an option.
COLOR CHEAT! Hot Pink or Pastel Lavender, FAST!
There’s no question about it, this year was big for haircolor. Clients wanted everything from gorgeous gem-inspired naturals to trending fashion colors. Good thing we know exactly how you can take your client to that perfect hue quickly and with confidence that it won’t fade. Here's how!
11 Tips for Your Best Balayage
With celebs like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Chrissy Teigen always rocking a perfectly hand-painted color, it’s no wonder your clients come in every day asking for your best blended balayage. So, we gathered some of our favorite technical tips and key things to remember when it comes to creating balayage masterpieces. Check 'em all out!
How-To: Textured Magenta Bob
It's a new year, and that means Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) has put a new spin on her now-famous high contrast, A-line bob—with pops of magenta and a slightly shorter, textured cut. Here's how she did it.
How-To: Shadow Root + Blonde Balayage
Balayage was hot, hot, hot in 2016, and we're predicting it'll reign as one of the top color trends in 2017 as well. Pair it with a shadow root and your client will be giving everyone #hairgoals inspo. Get the how-to for this seamless blend of icy blonde with a darker shadow root!
3 Balayage Mistakes You Might Be Making
We gathered three big tips to help you boost your balayage game. If you don’t know your tools, your products or your client’s hair history—you could be making huge mistakes behind the chair! Get the secrets for your best balayage ever!
How-To: Dipped Cherry A-Line Bob
A sleek, fiery red bob with a (secret) panel of deep mercury in the nape? The perfect color to kick off the new year. Here's how it's done.
Splotchy Balayage? Here’s Why!
We’ve all had that moment—the hair is processing and looks great. You rinse, you dry and….WHAAAT?!? How did these splotches happen?! Find out what could be causing the problem...
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