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Hair Color Articles
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Infrared Inspiration: Get the Look
L'ANZA's fall/winter collection—Beauty Is…FEARLESS—is anything but subtle. Bold, rich shades combined with surprising color placement really make a statement. This is the fall color inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how it’s done.
COLORBRAIN™: Leland is Back & Colorists Are Rejoicing
The name Leland is to haircolor what Christian Louboutin is to stilettos, Coco Chanel is to fashion and Steve Jobs is to personal computers.  All of them have perpetually and steadfastly refused to follow, refused to settle, refused to give up.  Each has approached their area of expertise with relentless curiosity, innovation and passion.  Most important, Leland and his footwear, fashion and computing cohorts have never stopped asking: “What should be that is not?”
How-To: Lea Michele's Go-To Brunette
Lea Michele—she first graced our screens as the queen of Glee Club, and last year she was back as a major wanna-be-Chanel in "Scream Queens." Even if this Hollywood gal changes her cut or color...we know we can always count on Lea to get back to her classic, go-to brunette. Here's how Color Pro John Simpson makes this bombshell hue happen.
3 Strong & Vibrant How-Tos
Strong, dark and emotional—these are the feelings Keratin Complex's Deb Gavin was going for when she created her Nightmare Collection. And who doesn't love strong shades full of beautiful tones that come to life when the light hits them just right? Here we have three color formulas and how-tos for our fave looks from the collection.
Hairdressers At Heart Awards Wella’s Master Color Expert Scholarship
Wella’s Hairdressers at Heart has awarded its 2016 Master Color Expert (MCE) Scholarship to Ray Barron of Las Vegas, Nevada. The scholarship includes coverage of all program prerequisites, valued at $3,750, and up to $2,000 in reimbursable expenses.
How-To: Color Contouring
A tousled, wavy bob with trendy hair-painted pops that perfectly contour her features is the ultimate moneymaker. This is the hair she sees on off-duty models, celebs and Instagram stars—so give it to her! Get the how-to!
How-To: Coloring Extensions
You may be used to coloring your extensions before you install them, but this isn’t always the best way! For an extreme look that needs massive volume and serious length for support, coloring after installation lets you blend more easily and better choose color placement. Get the coloring how-to, plus tips on how to best color extensions!
How-To: Classic Ombré
This is a great technique for a true ombré—deep tones that flow into gorgeous brightness. It’s strong, bold and decisive. Get the steps from Kadus Professional!
How-To: Very Cherry
Fashion colors have never been more popular—just scroll through your Instagram to see EVERYONE giving pops of color a chance! Now you have a new medium for your artist toolbox that will help you paint your clients with the colors that pop: POP XG by John Paul Mitchell Systems!
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