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Business Articles
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What Would You Do: Tipping Assistants
It’s a surprisingly common dilemma in salons: how do you handle tipping your assistants? One member of the BTC Community wanted this question answered, so she reached out to us for help. 
5 Ways Cosmetology Licensing Could Change
When you’re working behind the chair, you’re probably not thinking about your state’s license review committee or the threat of deregulation. But unfortunately, the industry is in the spotlight more and more with many states seeking to deregulate cosmetology licenses, meaning that anyone who wanted to be a hairdresser could simply be one without any training requirements. A new coalition, founded in part by the Professional Beauty Association, is working on ways to keep the industry professional, keep clients safe and keep you behind the chair.
Stylie One and Square Team Up
When it comes to making processes easier in the salon, we know you’re all for it. And now that Stylie One announced the release of its advanced integration with Square, it’s easier than ever for independent beauty professionals to keep their entire payment process super easy.
3 Front Desk Tasks You Could Be Forgetting
Are you dreaming in dollars? We have three simple ways you can start increasing your ticket prices at the salon.
Martino Cartier Announced as the Official Emcee for The Millennium Experience
Celebrity stylist Martino Cartier was announced as this year's emcee for The Millennium Experience. Here's what you can expect!
BTC Community: When did you first know you’d be a hairstylist?
We asked the BTC Instagram community, “How many of you out there ALWAYS KNEW you'd be a Hairstylist? At what age?” Here’s what some of our 1 million Insta followers had to say!
8 Tips For Getting The Perfect Shot
We’ve rounded up eight tips for getting the perfect, insta-worthy shot to help you start showcasing your work and accomplishing your goals!
Manic Panic Welcomes Alix Clymer as Newest Global Artistic Director
Manic Panic announced Alix Clymer aka @alix_maya as its new Global Artistic Director!
@prettylittleombre’s Pyramid of Fundamentals For Client Retention
@prettylittleombre is known for her incredible ombré, balayage, color-melting and root-smudging techniques, but she also knows the value of getting—and keeping—clients in your chair. Here’s a look at Jamie’s pyramid of fundamentals when it comes to retaining clients.
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