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Business Articles
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L'Oréal Professionnel Welcomes Shelley Gregory as its Newest Brand Ambassador
L'Oréal Professionnel announced that Shelley Gregory will be joining the team as its newest brand ambassador. Find out more!
Moroccanoil® Welcomes Sara Sampaio as its New Beauty Ambassador
Moroccanoil® announced its partnership with Portuguese supermodel Sara Sampaio as the brand’s new Beauty Ambassador. Get the details!
What Would You Do: Losing Money On A Service
We’ve all been there: the client who takes forever and never tips. What makes it more complicated? A price cap on salon services imposed by the owner. Do you keep the client and hope things will improve—or drop her? Here’s what the BTC community had to say!
Instagram Tips To Get You Noticed
Besides getting new clients, Instagram helps you get inspired by the work of others—and push your own creative boundaries. Competitions like BTC’s own #ONESHOT Hair Awards and the Bio Ionic Style Awards are a great way to put yourself out there and get recognized for your talent and we have the Instagram tips you need to get noticed!
What Would You Do: Pregnancy And Chemicals
If a pregnant co-worker is hesitant about in-salon chemicals, who’s responsible for altering their services or schedule? That’s what one BTC member asked our community this week.
11 Must-Know Tips For Suite Renters
Ahh, the suite life…you get to own your own business, call your own shots and make your own money. All that independence can be pretty awesome—and sometimes, pretty daunting. Here are 11 tips that cover the suite renting spectrum, from financial considerations to filling your chair.
What Would You Do: Booth Rental Discrimination?
So you found out that you’re paying more for your booth than another stylist in the salon. You might be feeling like you got the short end of the stick—but are your feelings valid? A member of the BTC community was in this situation and reached out to all of you to see if things are all good.
6 Ways to Step Up Your Marketing Game
Are you looking for effective ways to market your salon or spa? Do you find yourself at a loss for ideas when it comes to promoting your products and services? Here are some tips to help get and keep your marketing on track, plus some simple ideas for promotions.
Hair Cuttery Launches New Career Website
Hair Cuttery launched its new career website: Smart. Bold. Beautiful. Find out what this new site can do for you!
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