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Here's Why ECRU New York Knows How To Build Your Business
Whether you’re looking for a friend, a mate, a dachshund or a dentist, what’s the secret to making the connection work? You want to find someone who gets you, right?  Someone who understands what makes you smile and what causes you pain. It’s the same thing when you’re partnering with a professional products company. You want to work with someone who gets IT…and gets YOU.
Run a Better Salon With These 9 Tips
As a salon owner or manager, keeping your staff happy and upbeat is part of your job. And because we know just how important your team's morale is for business, we pulled some of our best tips to help you run an even better salon. Check out a few key things you can do every day to keep your staff happy and your business booming.
10 Instagram Tips That Will Make You More Money
No question: Instagram is a MUST for hairdressers. But it’s not as simple as snapping a pic and uploading it—if you use Instagram strategically, you can accomplish your goals faster and with better results. We’ve got the best insight from some Insta superstars!
5 Design & Shopping Tips When Selecting Your Salon Seating
Don't just have a mediocre salon space...truly own it and design it YOUR way. Make your salon atmosphere something you love and give it a vibe your clients can be completely comfortable in. With these design and shopping tips from Takara Belmont, creating a trendy and luxurious salon has never been easier.
L'Unica Beauty Celebrates 30 Years
When L’Unica Beauty opened its doors in 1986, big perms were still the rage, scrunchies and headbands were a must, and Cyndi Lauper was at the cutting edge of fashion haircolor. L’Unica Beauty is now celebrating its 30th anniversary of providing premium products and education to the salon community in Arizona and Nevada, with a front-row seat to changing styles, preferences and trends in hair and hair care.
Frank Gambuzza's Secret To Success
You know Frank Gambuzza—the shoe shine boy from New Jersey who became a top barber, the owner of four salons and the president of Intercoiffure North America/Canada. When it comes to running his salons, he’s all about getting down to basics —and we’re about to let you in on his biggest secret.
You've Heard Of The Cloud...But Do You Know How It Works?
It's all about that cloud! By 2020, it’s estimated that 80 percent of small businesses in the U.S. will have fully adopted cloud-based computing into their business practices. Working in the cloud has many advantages over locally installed software and is something the beauty industry is starting to embrace, especially when it comes to salon/spa scheduling and management software.
8 Ways to Grow a High-Value, High-Profit Hairstyling Business
More and more hairstylists are transitioning into independent ownership every single day, and booth rentals now make up half of the salon business. But how do you build a business that competes on value, not price? Well, we're about to break it down!
5 Tips For Connecting With Your Men's Grooming Market
Men—you might not be able to live with or without them...but there's one thing you know is true when it comes to the guys in this world. They have been increasingly concerned about their appearance! And with increased attention toward their image and a reputation for stylist loyalty, it’s no wonder why this demographic has been more of a focus to salons, spas and barbershops alike.
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