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7 Color Formulas We're Currently Obsessing Over
We love going to our BTC fam for their color formulas, how-tos and secrets for creating actual masterpieces every day behind the chair. Here’s a roundup featuring some of our best color formulas of the week...enjoy!
How-To: Lilac Bob
Metallic lilac + purple shadow root = your client’s dream haircolor! We have the the color formula and how-to for this spring-ready look from Alyssa Hare (@alysssahare), a stylist at Tribez Salon in Blackhawk, Calif. Check it all out below!
How-To: Misty Violet Blonde
Your moneymaking potential with retail sales often goes unrealized, but here’s a new idea: after you create an amazing look on your haircolor client, mix her up a custom color treatment (that’s shelf stable for two years) that will enhance her shine and extend vibrancy between visits—increasing your color service offering AND your take-home revenue. Check it out!
How-To: Subtle Summer Blonde
When your client comes in with light lilac on her ends and grown-out, virgin hair up top, what’s your end goal? For Mallory Vandenberg and her client in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it was to remove the purple and achieve a low-maintenance, summery blonde. See the results!
How-To: Slay the Blend
We seriously can’t stop staring at this insanely seamless balayage bob from stylist Marrah Troyer (@mygypsyhairstylist). That gorgeous dimension…that flawless blend…those soft ribbons of blonde! Here are the color formulas and application steps Marrah used to slay her blend.
How-To: Drop Red Gorgeous
A fresh take on traditional red, this look uses deep magenta triangle accent sections for a pop of dimension, and the natural root keeps it all on-trend. Check out how it’s done!
How-To: Seamless Root Smudge
A great way to add some interest to the blondie in your chair is by creating dimension with a seamless root smudge. But sometimes, that smudge isn't always so seamless. Find out how Jordan Boone perfectly blended a smoky shadow root with lightened strands.
How-To: Sand-Drift Balayage
Give your clients the natural-looking, sun-kissed hair they’re dreaming of with this balayage and styling how-to. Ditch the foils for a free-hand color application to create a seamless blend and beach-ready, textured waves. PLUS, we have a video to show you how it’s done. Check it ALL out below!
Velvet Lilac Color Formula
When her bold color starts to fade, your color-lovin' client is already thinking ahead to the next shade she wants to rock. If she's feeling the purple palatte, check out this velvet lilac color formula from Stephanie Aretakis.
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