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Multi-Cultural > Products > Butter Blend HG from Mizani

Butter Blend HG from Mizani

Developed with the signature moisturizing Butter Blend ingredients of shea butter, cocoa butter, and honey, this relaxer formula continues to offer ultimate protection and advanced conditioning during the relaxing process.

What differentiates Butter Blend HG from other relaxer systems is its patent-pending HG technology. The addition of HG enables the relaxer to penetrate the hair’s cortex faster and with greater efficiency, resulting in improved straightening results and maximum fiber integrity.

MIZANI Butter Blend HG offers a scalp- protecting Butter Base and a Honey Shield pre-treatment to protect previously relaxed hair. Perphecting Crème normalizing conditioner and Balance Hair Bath neutralizing shampoo create a “dual neutralization” process that restores the hair’s natural pH balance while ceramides penetrate the cuticle to strengthen for optimal conditioning.  Combined, these exclusive treatments offer superior deep conditioning from the inside out resulting in lighter flowing hair with movement and body from the first day of treatment.

MIZANI Butter Blend HG is now available in two formulas.  Both are safe for color-treated hair and contain no harsh odor.
Mild – for minimal/moderate curl reduction
Normal – for moderate/maximum curl reduction

• Respect for hair fiber integrity
• Improved straightening results
• Result-specific formula options
• No harsh odor

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