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Paul Mitchell Lighten Up

On-and-Off Scalp Powder Bleach

Paul Mitchell® Dual-Purpose Lightener is a powder bleach that can be used for on-and-off scalp applications. It lifts hair fast and even with control. Natural oils of jojoba and castor bean, in a unique encapsulation process, buffer the lightening process to reduce damage and replenish nutrients lost during the lightening process. Paul Mitchell® Dual-Purpose Lightener is a dust-free formula that provides a safe and pleasant working environment. The sandalwood fragrance offers a soothing experience.


Fast yet gentle lift
High quality conditioners including jojoba and castor oil help retain moisture and protect the delicate cuticle during lift. The end result is fast, even lift with control.

On-and-Off Scalp Application
Two products in one. Versatile and gentle enough for on scalp. Ideal for foil highlighting with no swelling.

Natural tone and shine
Hair is lifted gently to a natural blonde without harsh tonal qualities.

• On-scalp double process blonding
• Off-scalp foil highlighting
• Color correction
• Block coloring
• Painting


It’s All About Options
Paul Mitchell’s Blonding System offers you the options you need to create a full spectrum of dazzling blondes. With Dual-Purpose Lightener used in partnership with Paul Mitchell the color Ultra Toners and Paul Mitchell the color Highlift Series, you have the ability to create any blonde from any level.

Have Fun with Blonding
Have more fun with Blonding. Expand your creativity, as well as upgrade any salon service, with the Paul Mitchell Blonding System. Use Dual-Purpose Lightener to add a few subtle highlights to a haircut service or make an impact by pre-lightening hair for a PM SHINES or INKWORKS overlay. 

The Color Bar™
Keep clients in salons and out of grocery stores by setting up The Color Bar in your salon. The Color Bar provides a professional and organized coloring location that allows you to demonstrate the art of formulation to your clients.

For more information about Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color and The Blonding System, contact your Paul Mitchell® Salon Consultant or Distributor or log on to:

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