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Hair Color > Products > Farouk CHI® Infra High Lift Cream Color - Blondes

Farouk CHI® Infra High Lift Cream Color - Blondes

CHI® Technology is a new concept to lift and deposit in one easy step.
The first revolutionary Ammonia Free High Lift Cream color that lifts fast and deposits from the inside out powered with CHI Energy that is ceramic, ionic and far infrared.

3 long lasting, luminous blondes that lift and deposit up to 8 levels in one easy step and provide precise and predictable results every time with incredible shine and optimum condition.

Key Points:

Ultra Light Lifting and Toning in one Single Step- Up to 8 Levels of Lift
Farouk Systems' research and development team have harnessed the Lightening power of CHI® with the finest and most revolutionary complex of new dyes to ensure maximum lift (up to 8 levels) and complete tonal control in a single step.  This will ensure 100% predictable blonde tones without any unwanted brassiness or warm tones.  Taking the darkest of hair to the shiniest blonde in a single step has never been easier.  Capable of lifting permanent oxidizing dyes.

Oil Base High Lift Cream Color with CHI® Power
Superior Advanced Technlogy enriched with the CHI® power of ceramics to ensure continuous lifting up to 8 levels.  Natural oil base for smooth application and superior hair condition.

First in the World Ionic and Far Infrared Technology
Advanced American CHI® Technology CHI® Power is the integration of 44 ingredients infused with ceramic, ionic and far infrared producing materials that provide maximum penetration inside of the hair, lightening the hair from inside and outside.  New complex of dyes ensure a complete tonal control eliminating any unwanted brassiness or yellowness.  For long lasting color deposit, ionic charge will anchor the dyes inside of the hair.

The New CHI® Fade Resistant Technology is a new breakthrough to achieve the shiniest array of blondes ever seen before with complete tonal control.  For the first time, color is also deposited with ionic charge.

Ammonia Free
Respects the integrity of the hair providing longer lasting vibrancy and unparalleled shine.  Pleasant fragrance for you and the client creating a comfortable and safe environment for everybody.

Check out the details of the CHI Infra High LIft Blondes Collection.

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