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Hair > Step-by-Steps > How-To: Cloud Cover

How-To: Cloud Cover

A shadow root is everything these days, and when the shadow root is part of a steely gray color design, with a killer undercut no less, it’s the perfect storm. This look is from the creative squad at L’ANZA Healing Hair. Separately, each of the four, award-winning artists is remarkable; together, they’re simply unstoppable.

Who did it
Matt Swinney, L’ANZA Global Creative Director; Ammon Carver, L’ANZA Global Creative Director; Leah Freeman, L’ANZA Global Color Director and Natasja Keijzer, L’ANZA Healing Style Director
assistant: Gina Watkins
photography: Richard Monsieurs
makeup: Juliette den Ouden
ig: @lanzahaircare

L'ANZA Healing Color Formulas
Cut - Step 1
Cut - Step 2
Cut - Step 3
Cut - Step 4
Step - 5
Cut - Step 6
Cut - Step 7
Cut - Step 8
Cut - Step 9
Color - Step 1
Color - Step 2
Color - Step 3
Color - Step 4
Color - Step 5
Color - Step 6
Finished Look

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