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Hair Color > Step-by-Steps > How-To: All Clear Blonde

How-To: All Clear Blonde

If she’s asked once, she’s asked a hundred times for a cool, clear blonde without a hint of brassiness. This soft-shading service from Goldwell’s Cool Blonde Collection delivers on that request. “Clear, light, cool and sexy. That’s what today’s blondes want,” says Goldwell Global Master Agnes Westerman. The secret to this seamless look? “Panel placements of shades that produce a soft transition of tones,” reveals Agnes.

Starting Level: 7NA/regrowth; 10/midlengths and ends

Goldwell Color Formulas
Formula A/Regrowth: 1 scoop High Performance Lightener + 3 pumps Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate + 35ml 20-volume (6%) SilkLift Strong Conditioning Cream Developer

Formula B: 10ml Clear + 10ml 10BS + 40ml Colorance Lotion

Formula C: 10ml 10V + 10ml 10P + 40ml Colorance Lotion

Formula D: 5ml 9BA + 5ml 10BA + 20ml Colorance Lotion

Who did it
Agnes Westerman
photography: Markus Jans
makeup: Stephanie Munz
styling: Ingo Nahrwold
creative director: John Moroney
ig: @goldwellkmsacademy

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Steps 4, 5 & 6
Finished Look

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