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Skin/Spa > Step-by-Steps > The Dermalogica Face Treatment > Steps 1-3
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The Dermalogica Face Treatment

Steps 1-3

The treatment will be unique to each individual client by using Dermalogica’s unique botanical mixers throughout the step-by-step process to provide additional benefits to the client’s skin.  Treatment time:  60 mins

Review the Dermalogica Face Mapping Consultation Card and question the client on water consumption, types of medications, recent chemical procedures etc.  Ensure that there are no possible contraindications to the treatment. 

Remove eye and lip make-up with Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover.

Cleanse twice under steam with the appropriate Dermalogica cleanser for your client.  Select from: UltraCalming Cleanser, Essential Cleansing Solution, Special Cleansing Gel, Dermal Clay Cleanser, Anti-Bac Skin Wash. These can also be customized with Dermalogica's Botanical Mixers, depending on your client's skin condition.

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