Balayage Babes

Men watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to admire the leggy beauties clad in provocative lingerie. But women—many of whom are your clients—only have eyes for one thing. They’re noting the models’ long, luscious hair and beautiful haircolor, and then they’re demanding those looks when they’re in your chair. This year’s show was all about balayage, so we turned to one of the best celebrity colorists, Kim Vo, for his take on the babe-ilicious color. To create this “brunette smudge” look, Kim says to apply Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 6-1 + 20-volume developer to the base and process for four minutes. Rinse and dry the hair, then apply balayage highlights with Schwarzkopf BLONDME, focusing on the crown and face-framing sections. Process, with heat if necessary, then shampoo and apply a glaze for runway worthy shine. Watch a FREE cut and color how-to video from Schwarzkopf!

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Thursday's “That’s What She Said” Moment
I have a male client who always comes to me for a very simple haircut. It would normally take me 15 minutes, but with him it takes almost an hour! This guy examines his hair in the mirror for an agonizing amount of time, finds hairs that are "improperly cut" and demands that I "cut properly." I know we can always improve, but there’s NOTHING wrong with his cut! Every time I see him, he tells me I do an awful job and says he has to go home to fix my “screw-ups.” I’m definitely firing him the next time I see him!

Joanna Fernandez
BTC Facebook Fan

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