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Posted By:extensionexpert on: 7/13/2008 8:23:39 PM

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At a critical decision point!!
Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2008 8:23:39 PM
Its funny I logged on to this page so I think its meant to be.  Im a salon onwer if thats what you call it I have fired 9 stylist in one year and every time I let one go I make more money. I went from making 300K a year to 97K because of dealing with drama!   Reason:  People want to make money but lack ethics and skill and have low desire to acquire them.  I have a very large private salon and I am thinking of pursuing a freelance celebrity career and not focusing on others.  I acquired my markeing degree first and went into cosmetology 8 years ago and now have over 450 extension clients.  I havent been paying them attention like I use to and man I have a beautiful salon but finding the workers with professionalism is hard.  My client is few Celebrities and mostly business professionals 85K a year and above.  Im stumped should I keep it open and hope for the best or concentrate on my career in the industry which I keep putting off.

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Posted: Monday, July 14, 2008 5:32:14 PM
It takes patience and teamwork to create the ideal salon. I would strongly advise hiring a personal manager part time with the potential for full time as sort of a headhunter for the talent and to scout the salon staff you are looking to hire- you won't find them coming out of a school.

It is best to distance yourself from the hiring process- because most hairdressers are creative people not focused on complicated business systems or office work that is needed to truly develop what you envision.

Start asking your high profle clients about a human resources consultant who you can hire to create the system you are looking for to hire the right people. Also be prepared to tuck in your ego a bit and pay people top dollar and be able to share the marquis (salon reputation) with them or it just won't happen.

Quality people already know what they are worth. I find it's easier to look at professionals eye to eye, rather than down at them.

Here's something interesting as well- I've noticed that the very best salons hand pick talent that is unique, each persona is a highly trained specialist that knows how to do specific things, and will refer their clientele to OTHER stylists within the salon to do what they can't.