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Posted By:phluffmuffin on: 7/25/2008 2:19:33 PM

Author: Thread: *Awkward* Situation
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*Awkward* Situation
Posted: Friday, July 25, 2008 2:19:33 PM
hello messagers! this is a really awkward thing for me so here goes..

i worked for a chain salon for quite a few years, it was super(hint hint) and i was very sad to leave but know that i'll never grow as a stylist if i was still there. anyways...

not too long ago i ran into one of my clients at the grocery store and he told me the worst story i have ever heard. EVER. apparently the manager was soliciting to give him a blowjob(not with a hair dryer) for the price of a hair color. she then explained what she would do and how "it was the only way for her to reach her color quota" and then he said something that i've heard her say before in private conversation(not appropriat for the boards) so i know without a doubt that he was not lying.

i was mortified, shocked, repulsed and i felt ashamed to have worked with her and i can only imagine how embarassed he was. well, we then had a long conversation about how he'll never go back to that store or any of the others. i told him that he needs to call the customer service but he said he just never wants anything to do with the chain again. i can not blame him.

i'm still on very good terms with several of the managers in the area. should i tell them, is it still my businss? i'm having a sort of dilema because this woman is someone i considered a friend and she just happens to be a single mom, so if she looses her job she'll be screwed.
but....she is basically prostituting herself in a place of business... i think it's disgusting. this chain is a great place to work and learn, it will always have a good place in my memory, so i dont think it deserves anyone to give it this kind of reputation.

advice please.

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Steer clear...
Posted: Friday, July 25, 2008 10:07:09 PM

Because you aren't working there anymore, I would steer clear of making any calls or contributing to her demise with management...

I WOULD stop by and say hello to her, and throw her a story about how the cops shut down a spa in the next town for the same exact thing. You can also be clever and tell the story to someone next to her without looking at her to send the message and how you'd feel about it, sort of indirectly.

If you aren't friends enough with anyone in the shop anymore I would just drop the whole thing and let it go.

This just isn't your lesson to learn, and you shouldn't use this type of knowledge to perpetuate anything.

I'd wager you're NOT the only one that has figured this out...