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Posted By:GOT RIpped OFF on: 9/28/2008 2:02:28 PM

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Got Ripped off BIG time
Posted: Sunday, September 28, 2008 2:02:28 PM
I am so embarrassed to even post this. I just hope what has happened to me and my family should and never happen to anyone out there to deal with this company. I went to a trade show and bought $30,000 Supplies from a company called Quality Beauty Supply, they came to me as very informative and helpful at the IBS show so I trusted them with my purchases but turns out they are a big SCAM company in Des Plains IL. They gave me all broken down machines, wrong and missing supplies. Quality supply they named to be is NOT a quality at all. Not only they gave me wrong stuff but they are disloyal and deceiving and dishonest. To make the story short I have contacted them to replace order and they said they VP was my representative and he won't be in town for weeks and cant get touch with him. No one else can fix this problem supposedly. After 2weeks of silence and avoiding my calls I finally got in touch with Quality.your can only contact this guy David at Quailty if you call him at 2pm cuz thats when he gets to work, he will never call you and if you have problem you have to be next to your phone 24/7 and call them.Finally when I talk to them Quaitly Beauty Supply kept telling me that the new supply was suppose to be arrive in no time but when I asked for the tracking they avoided my question. I should of known when they kept asking for my money when I didn't even get my shippment. I should of listen to my instints and save my time and stress. all my employees and family has been stressing over my grand opening of my shop which is on hold beacause of this. I tried to work things out with them because i didn't want to waste any more time looking for a new supplier but later I couldn't take any more of their lies so all I wanted was my money back. Now not only they turn the story and said they did everything correctly and that this never happened and refuses to give money back. this is my first shop and I was so happy about it and told all my friends and family but it turned out to be a big shame and disappointment to everyone. I feel like I became a failure already. I hope that NOONE ELSE get involved with this kind of people ever. Make sure you research companies and keep everything recorded and written. Make sure you don't buy anything from this Company Quality Beauty Supply. I am very upset and sad over a month of agony and stress. Ive never known something like this could ever happen.....

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Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 8:46:16 PM

My name is Alyssa. Im 19 years old and for the past two years I have been trying to go to go to school and get my license in cosmetology.  I really have a passion for the hair industry. I've looked at several different schools and I have no one to help me finnancially. I was wondering if anyone knows of any scholorships or help that is available for me?... thanks

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@ Ripped Off
Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 4:21:24 PM

All is not lost sweetie and I'm going to tell u why:  First of all do you have the bill of sale? Reps name? their business card? YOu can get all your money back but its going to take some time.  You MUST report this company to the better business bureau and the case worker will do a background check to find out whats what.  Once they are tracked down, go to small claims court and file a suit against them. 

Thats just too much money to let go and not take action. 

Don't be embarrassed.  Sometimes when we get excited we don't think with a clear conscience.  We get so gung ho without taking a step back to see if there's anything shady about the deal.  Happened to me when I bought my first car.

This will teach you to be a better shopper and to make wiser decisions.

go to lawyers.com and get some excellent advice.