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Posted By:chameleon on: 11/23/2008 4:53:32 PM

Author: Thread: Cut any haircut??
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Cut any haircut??
Posted: Sunday, November 23, 2008 4:53:32 PM

I was taught all haircuts are cut from the one-length,layered cut, and uniform/90 degree cut. My problem is when I look at some pictures of haircuts, I don't see how i can cut any haircut in the world. How do you map out a haircut? Sectioning? Do cutting systems help? Is there something I'm not seeing, any suggestions? What do I need to do to get over this hump so I can be confident in my cutting skills.

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Posted: Monday, November 24, 2008 9:16:45 AM
Most of us are trained to do haircuts, instead of learning to cut hair.  It is a big philisophical difference in how you approach the hair.  We are typically trained to follow a set pattern of sectioning and angles to create a finished look or a set formula for color.  This is similair to a seamstress following a pattern to cut material for a dress.   A seamstress is not a designer, but a pattern cutter.  Most hairstylists are also pattern cutters,  they want to follow a pattern or layout instead of creating one.  I believe British ( Toni&Guy, Sassoon) cutting systems are very good for learning basic skills, but they teach pattern cutting.  The French and Spaniards (Desange, Shaw, Llongureas) have a different approach and are more difficult to master, but are faster and require creativity and help you become a designer.   Once you master the basics, explore the other world of hair cutting

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Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 6:49:57 AM
Thanks for responding. I'll look into your suggestions.