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Posted By:cole j on: 11/25/2008 8:56:11 PM

Author: Thread: Change a style on hair that doesn't want to
cole j
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Change a style on hair that doesn't want to
Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 8:56:11 PM
I have a client w/ short hair that we do single process color. The texture is medium (not coarse). The problem I am having is everytime we try to change her style, it ends up looking /laying the same. I have tried scissor, point cutting, razor (w/ minimal and maximum texturizing) and a variety of lengths, a lot of different styling products and drying techniques. She likes low maintenance w/ styling so no curling/flat irons. So any suggestions? (I have tried the last 3 times she has been in to change her style and am unsuccessful)

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Posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 7:21:51 AM
You need to go in and take a hands on class cutting. It isn't her hair, it's your approach.

There are many many ways to cut hair. I would suggest you try to take a course before the year is out so you can write it off of this years' taxes.

It really souns like she may have a strong growth pattern, often if the hair is lifeless or has an unwanted stubborn pattern of falling the same way everytime I will suggest a perm (curl) not for the wave but to change the texture to make it more workable with products. I work with a LOT of Asian men that NEED this for those punk rock pompadour "Elvis" styles because quite simply their existing texture doesn't provide a decent foundation to do so...