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Posted By:ytak211 on: 12/9/2008 4:39:41 PM

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Posted: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 4:39:41 PM
I have been a stylist for 7 months. I know that I am just getting myself started in this field yet I feel I have questioned myself one too many times if this was the right plan for me!!! I work at a salon that is beautiful but 75% of the time I am the receptionists and 25% of the time I am working on clients. I didn't pay $12,000 to go to school to be a receptionist! We don't get a lot of walk-in clients here but I love the people. Lately I have been extremely discouraged and I am not feeling uplifted about this career choice. Is everyone just slow right now due to the economy? Should I move to a new salon that is not as nice? Or do I just suck as a stylist and the clients I have styled don't want to return to me???? Should I just change my profession???

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I know how you feel!
Posted: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 9:47:24 PM
I'm sorry that I won't have a lot of encouraging words to add but I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!! I paid just as much as you for schooling and I am in the EXACT same position as you. It's actually funny as I was reading your post I was thinking "this sounds like I wrote it!!!" But anyway...I don't want to work at a low end salon because I don't feel that I have to after the education I have, but the salon I work in doesn't have the clients coming in off the street like a lower end one would. I can tell you this YOU DON"T SUCK AT WHAT YOU DO!!! I get feeling like that sometimes too but you just need to think about all the clients you've made happy and that usually picks me up. Also, get out there and sell yourself, that has worked for me to get a little bit of business. Do things like pass out flyers around town or put a coupon ad. in the local newspaper. I hope this helps a little to know that you're not the only one in this position right now. Oh and I also think you're right...the economy as of right now doesn't help anything with trying to build up a clientele!

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stand up for yourself
Posted: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 11:33:18 PM

since youre just starting out its going to be slow. but this is the time where you have to market yourself... sell yourself, sell your services, get out there and open your mouth to everyone you meet. leave cards on every table you sit at every dressing room you go into every store you shop at. this will help you build yourself up which will help get you away from the front desk. but seriously stand up for yourself and tell your boss HEY find someone else to answer phones, you made me a stylist to do some hair not to answer phones. but get out there... don.t be one of those people where all they talk about is how bad the economy is... stay positive, everything works out how its suppose to!!

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Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 12:59:21 PM
I am not trying to be discouraging. But, as a salon owner, I have to ask, exactly what were you expecting? When you were in school, did they not prepare you as to what to expect when you got out of school. I have so many new stylist come into my salon expecting so much. The truth is, any stylist can tell you that it takes years to build a good client base and that is if you are good at what you do, work very hard and do everything right. The first two years you are just learning the business and developing your skills.  You must make the decision as to what kind of stylist you want to be and if you are willing to do what it takes to get there.

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Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2008 4:51:06 PM
I Agree with gd, I really think companies like Aveda Cosmetology Schools give somewhat misleading information about what to expect when you graduate. The school I graduated from in Boston (NOT Aveda, there were no Aveda Schools in Boston in the 80's LOL) kept saying you would make over $100,000 a year but had to drop the ads.

It's only half of 1% of all GRADUATING students that go on to make this amount. Half my class didn't even finish school! I would venture ti say it's more like 1 in 1000 people who actually get there!

As a student, it is the instructor and school responsible for your errors and the people that go to schools generally have a much lowere expectation than someone paying for a premium service in an upscale salon.

It DOESN'T MATTER whether the color, haircare products or equipment is the same.

Asking a student to perform as a seasoned hairdresser is like asking someone to play Carnegie Hall just after taking their third music lesson.

When you shut yourself down to learning new ways, or rigidly hold onto only ONE way of doing things (This is coming from someone who was certified to teach OTHER Aveda haircolor educators) you shut out opportunity. Yet THIS is the way schools MUST TEACH because it is a GROUP and there needs to be CONSISTENCY of interaction to guarantee the students can learn without confusion.

You are specifically trained to pass the test as a student. If you glean any more information that is great, but the school's level of expectation for students DOESN'T EXCEED passing the test!

The test ISN"T about HOW GOOD you are or how much of a star you are, it's all SANITATION and THEORY. (my makeup model looked like she was in a car accident, but I passed! LOL)

When a hairdresser in your salon is booking $3700 a day and tells you you need to improve your skills if you want to continue working with them, LISTEN AND DO IT.

Aveda won't be there to hold your hand when you're in the unemployment line!

Russ H.
Colorist at the Roy Teeluck Salon
57th & Madison Avenue, Manhattan NYC

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."
-Helena Rubenstein

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Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 9:40:12 AM
I'm going to add to this a little. I'm in a similar position as I left working chain salons for about 6 years and went to a very small, private owned shop that is very close to my home.

It' a very rural area so we don't get much off the street traffic either. I was lucky to get this job but when I sit all day I forget how lucky I am! I am being paid straight commission, and exceeding minimum wage including tips but barely.

However, my owner has sent me to 5 classes in the last 2 months, she advertises, lets me run specials and send out thank you cards to the clients I do. I can see myself getting better with each client I do. She says to keep my eye on the pie, I never want to go back to working Sundays, Christmas eve, and doing 20 haircuts a day.

Hang in there and stay at a place where you see yourself staying, don't work somewhere you don't want to for the quick buck. It's harder after you've worked 6 years and then have to re start on the bottom! Good luck to you all, I'm glad we have a place to vent where people understand!