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Posted By:sunnystylist on: 12/29/2008 9:58:46 PM

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Help me out paleeez
Posted: Monday, December 29, 2008 9:58:46 PM

last week this girl came in the salon and she had a dark colour underneath and hilites and lowlites on top..her dark colour was a level 5 (coloured) on top blonde hilites with level 6 lowlites..she was telling me how she eventually wants to go lighter to become a blonde..she had about 1 and a half of her natural regrowth.which is a level 6 natural..she told me that her hair so fine and she wants t o stay away from colouring it a whole lot.i suggested to her to colour her roots about a level 8. she agreed.
so  i used bleach on roots and bottom half that was dark i used bleach  to lighten it up so it would blend in better.. after washing her hair i toned it.. when i dryed it ..she said her hair looked orange..and she didnt like t o see the lowlites ..she i picked through her whole picking out the lowlites and foiling them..she felt comfortable with what i was doing..then i washed and toned again..dryed her hair and still said her hair looked orange..i was getting frustrated..then i toned her again and i felt she was getting upset..but i was trying my best to get her hair right so she would be happy..again i dryed and she still didnt like it...when i was done she asked me how much she had to pay..i told her i will charge u for a partial colour she said oh why do  i have  to pay i dont like it ..then i felt guilty..yet she said her hair looked better than when she came in..i told her i will charge u for the hair cut ..she agreed..i even told her to come back another day and we can tone it again..she didnt want to..when she left coworkers were asking me what happened..i  told them the story and they said her hair looked beautiful..that she   tried to rip me off..i dont know ..can someone plz give me some advice ..thx

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Posted: Thursday, January 01, 2009 7:49:26 AM

This has happened to all of us. You lost control of the situation. Sunny, first of all, 8 was way too high a color to put at the root. The natural remaining pigment at 7-8 IS gold orange.

You cannot correct foil/ retouch all in one process to go lighter. I would've JUST woven lightener all over the head and told her it would take three sessions over several months to get all the dark color out, or map out three sessions over the week if she wanted it done right away and charge/cut her hair at the end of the week.

The customer is always right concerning haircolor, you CANNOT charge if she doesn't like the result.

The money in your hand that day does no good for you in the future, that client had a potential to make you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over time with herself and new referrals she would've sent you. The only way to build trust and confidence with a client is to make them FEEL GOOD before they go.

Your friends were "putting on a good show" to convince her the color was good but this would only work if she was a little unsure.

Further your education by picking up a Beth Minardi video, or even better, take a class. Education is the ONLY way to find a new approach when you come across a brick wall.

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