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Posted By:Carol611 on: 1/5/2009 7:55:06 PM

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eyebrow wax went bad
Posted: Monday, January 05, 2009 7:55:06 PM
I hope someone has had this experience.I've been at a new salon now for about 90 days. I have a client who I absolutely adore she is very nice. She bring s her whole family and I've cut her hair and waxed her eyebrows now 3 times. Her brows are very thin, she shaves around them with one of those little eyebrow razors, so there is always stubble around. I tried to get some of the stubble and it was much too short to wax. I tried again, and now her brow has a nice hole right toward the middle. (It's about 25% gone honestly) I about died. Her brows are thin but that's no excuse. I just want to know if anyone else has ever done this before. I normally am great at waxing!!! I can't stop thinking about it, and I'll probably never see this client again. I didn't charge her obviously, and it seemed like it didn't bother her too bad, but I'm a WRECK! Please help!

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Posted: Monday, January 05, 2009 10:08:39 PM
Eyebrows can be tricky and many people have made this mistake in the past so try to relax. I know there is one thing about this business we are a caring culture.There is no mistaking that, but you have to realize that you did the right thing and mistakes happen. If she is a very loyal client to you this should not break the bond that you have but if it does or if you just cant stop thinking about it, because I to have had many sleepless nights.The best thing I find you can do for both of you is give her a follow up call and see how she is doing.  One of the top reasons that people lose clients is lack of attention. She might not like what you did to her brows but she will love that you took some extra time and gave her a phone call to see how she is doing. It will also make you feel alot better as well. Tell her that your sorry and if she is up set and you think shes not going to come back try giving her a free wax or deep conditioning treatment to make it up to her.

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we've all been there
Posted: Saturday, January 17, 2009 5:23:26 PM
things happen, we have an off day, a minor detail is missed and overlooked and then bam! a mistake is made. it's horrible when it happens, i can carry around that horrible feeling around with me for days. and then when i think i'm over it, it hits me all over again.

unfortunatley this is how our learning process occurs. that little gap in your clients eyebrow has made you better at what you do, because you will work hard to make sure it never happens again.

as for your client, call her and let her know how badly you feel and that you want to make it right.

give her free shaping till it grows in or make her a gift of an eyebrow pencil that you know is exactly the right shade for her to use to fill in the gap.

knowing that you care and take responsibilty for the mistake will go along way towards making her feel better and know that she is a valued client.