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Posted By:k80nc on: 1/13/2009 4:20:16 PM

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Student needs help!
Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 4:20:16 PM
I'm almost done with my hours at a tiny private cosmetology school and realize now that my teacher is insane. I knew she was odd when I started, but now that the boards are coming up I'm starting to freak out a little! I honestly can't describe the lunacy I'm facing. Today, when I found out I won't be able to take the boards for another month after the date that she originally told me, I got upset because I have a job lined up that they may not hold for me. I did not raise my voice, I did not name call, I did nothing disrespectful, but I did let it be known that I was upset, and she started to cry! Then she told me that she never would have expected me to turn on her, and said that the rule was that when the class was disrupted like I had done that everyone would be sent home! She is the sole owner and instructor of the school. She refers to the rules as though she had no control, and says "They won't let me" any time she has to make a decision, when we all know that she IS they. The worst part of all this, she sent EVERYONE home. Even the students who had just walked in the door!

If I was reading this post from someone else I would assume that they probably raised holy h*ll and got the teacher understandably upset. As much as you can trust what a random poster on a message board says, I REALLY didn't. I have to go back tomorrow, I have no Idea what I'm going to walk into. I have 25 hours left to complete. I really hope she doesn't kick me out. There were at least 5 witnesses to what happened, but if she does throw me out, my only recourse would be a lawsuit. I don't want that! I plan to go in tomorrow and beg forgiveness just so I can finish, then never go back there again. I don't think there is anything else I can do. Has anyone else gone through anything like this? I should have gone to the community college, but the hours there weren't flexible at all.

Thanks for letting me vent.