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Posted By:bernikitty on: 1/17/2009 5:04:12 PM

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really upset-update
Posted: Saturday, January 17, 2009 5:04:12 PM
well today when i went in my mom told me that the client that gave me such a hard time would be coming in at 1:30 today. my mom was going to cut and do color and highlights for her.
mom said she wanted to let me know cause her didn't want me to feel akward about seeing her again but i told my mom i was fine with it.

well when my mom starts to consult with the client, i have another new customer in my chair. My mom makes some suggetions about what she thinks would be good regarding her hair color. the client said that she wants to be dark at the root with highlights allover, my mom tells her to be so dark at the root area (level5-6) with her nat hair being 80% grey would be very high maintence. but my mom agrees if that is what she wants then she tells my mom that her last hair dresser did her bas color , highlights ans cut ans blow dry all in 1 1/2 hrs! My mom tells her that it's not possible for her to do all that in that time frame, and that she is begining to think that she will not be able to make her happy. twice my mom tells her sorry once before she goes into the rest room to remove she smock and slams the door, and again as she leaves the shop, not even acknopwledging my mom but she does say the word "wierdos" loudly as she leaves the shop. my client (who witness the whole event) is delighted with her hair and said she came cause one of the ladies she works with spoke so highly of us. In 10 months, we've only had one client to leave in a huff-we must be doing something right.