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Posted By:BlondeAmbition20 on: 2/3/2009 11:33:15 PM

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Tired of doing hair in my kitchen..
Posted: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 11:33:15 PM

I am in need of some advice and would appreciate any :)

I received my liscense last May. At the time I was working at a high paying waitressing job so I decided to stay for the rest of summer (busy season) and work really hard there.. save the money..and start looking for a job in the Fall. The only problem is it's now winter and still no job. I understand starting out it is going to be a hard job..but I didn't know even finding a job would be the problem. I've applied at over 20 salons (there aren't many in my area) and the minute I ask they say they simply aren't hiring.

I lately have been extremley depressed about the situation. THIS is my dream..and yet I can't seem to get it started. I am thinking about going back to school.. yet I can't think of anything else I would like to do with my life.

ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE ME.. I WOULD APPRECIATE SO MUCH!! I've been soo down lately :( Thanks!