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Posted By:bernikitty on: 2/22/2009 4:26:15 PM

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i'm done.
Posted: Sunday, February 22, 2009 4:26:15 PM
walked out of salon i own with my mother, just cannot put up with being humiliated any longer.

i had just one client yesterday. She a 29y/o married girl. she has kind of an abrasive personality and like to state outrageous opinions, i think she's kind of emotionally immature and that to me explains her personality. outside the salon i wouldn't chose her for a friend but she's come to me 3 times and i think that she appreriates my skill as a hairdresser she always says she loves her hair and tips me well. i'm grateful for her business (she was my last of only 3 appointments this week, i'm a single mom of three, so i'm really struggling financially).

after my client left, my mom's client said that she thought that my client was really negative and she felt stressed out from being around her. well my mom just took the ball and ran with it.

she said that my client has ruined the whole salon experience for her client, that all she got out of it was her hair cut. there are 2 kinds of people in the world life givers and life takers, and my client was definately a life taker. it was also very rude to my client to hog the whole conversation (i thought only me and my client were having a consersation--i thought my mom and her client were having there own conversation--we work on opposite sides of the room, so it's not like my mom and her client were right next to me and my client, we're about 18-20 ft away. also with clients that like to talk i ask them questions to keep them talking while i focus on the hair.)

my mom kept on and on, i tried to explain to them that she's just an immature kid, and not evil. she probably doesn't have alot of friends and does'nt understand why. she deserved compassion if anything(especailly from two older and supposedly wiser women imho).

i waited for my mom to drop or change the subject, but she kept going, and i realized that she also was mad at me and that the criticism she was heaping on my client also applied to me. I stayed for a few minutes more, giving her a chance to stop, and think about what she was saying, but she kept on. so i got up and said, I'm leaving. i didn't say it meanly but i said it firmly and then i left.

i made $40 on the haircut and i needed to give my babysitter $24. so i was leaving there with $16 to take home to me kids.

what do i do? stop my cleints at the door, let my mom give them the once over, to see it she thinks their life-givers so i can sit them in my chair to try to make a little money to support the grandchildren she claims to love so much?

this as just the last straw for me.

a few wks ago she asked me to find someone to come work with us, to help pay the expensense. i found this great gal whole really wanted and needed the job. she was suppose to come in and do a model on a day when i wasn't in the salon. when i told my mom when the girl would be in, my mom said, well im not going to kiss up to her!, the girl called me the next day to say that she was going to stay at her old salon, i think my mom was mean to her and scared her off.

my mom on 3 occasions has sat down in front of my clients while i'm doing thier hair and told them a tale of woe, she's so poor she eats pickle sandwiches, she's cold all the time cause she's afraid to turn on the eat, and she takes cold showers, she might not be able to pay her bill this month, how long does it take for your house to be forclosed on? How do you go about filing for bankrupcy? (my mom lives in a brand new 3 br house in a very exclusive subdivision) this is so mortifing to me! the last time she did it was to a really good client of mine, while i was puting foil in her hair, i charged her $110, and i'm sure she wondered why i don't help my mom out. BUt what she doesn't know and i would NEVER tell her was she was my only client that week and i had to go home a pay a baby sitter and my mom never makes less that $500/wk and ususally averages 1k/wk. one of my cleints that she did this to has not been back since (last spring, she was a regular who also brought her tenage daughter to me for highlights).

my mom does'nt know that i know that she said i should never have had my 3rd child, since me and my then husband were struggling financially.

she does'nt know that i know that she ridicules me in the salon, when i'm not there. (my baby sitter had dropped by the salon and overheard my mom, my mom didn't realize that she was there.)

wonder if anyone else is in this horrible situation also.